Jennifer Lopez May Be Replacing Mariah Carey on 'American Idol'


american idol

With all of the other reality show competitions out there, American Idol just isn't as exciting as it once was. So in recent years, it's obvious that producers have been trying to spice things up with a constantly revolving judges' panel. It almost worked this season. Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey were like oil and water from the start. But even the nasty on-air comments and reports of their backstage verbal brawls weren't enough to boost ratings. Now it looks like another big change is coming to AI. Word is, Jennifer Lopez has been asked to return and replace Mariah. This diva swap could only lead to one thing.

It all but guarantees a series of nasty catfights between Jenny from the block and the wacky rapper. And unlike Mariah, J. Lo isn't likely to back down. Oh the drama! I might actually start watching the troubled show again. But it's not a done deal yet.

TMZ reports that Fox execs have approached the star, but no changes are confirmed. However, Jennifer will be a guest on the show May 16 to debut her new single. The hope is that a former, popular judge can revive the nearly dead ratings (last week's were the lowest in the show's history). There will probably be one big issue keeping her from signing on again -- MONEY. It was rumored that the reason she left in the first place was because the show wouldn't pony up the salary she demanded.

Though I have to wonder if any of these ploys will really make a difference. It's not the stars, it's the format. At this point, Idol is a dinosaur trying to stay relevant among a fresher, cooler crop of reality TV shows. And what really becomes of all these so-called superstars? Has anyone made it other than Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, and Carrie Underwood?

Would you be more likely to watch American Idol if Jennifer Lopez replaced Mariah Carey?


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american idol


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nonmember avatar Amber

OR they could just cancel the show

nonmember avatar paula

Chris Daughtry made it

nonmember avatar stacey

the only person who needs replaced is nicki she is terrible..even still i'd probably only watch the first half of the season like most people..

Teal Chastain Blacksten

I think if Mariah leaves, they should just go back to a three judge panel and leave it that way. I don't think Mariah's comments are always that useful anyway. Regarding the ratings, in term of sheer numbers, AI's still a successful show.

Candy Wiesman

how about jennifer lopez replace nikki an then maybe the show ratings would go up....dont think anyone can stand that girl!! shes sooo annoying an fake,,,i mean what kind of role model is she to girls with all her fake shit shes got going on!!

Sherry Goble

I think Nicki is bad. She is rude. Mariah is talented but kinda comes off as a diva. Bad combo. Last year the show was the best. This year I dont even turn it on anymore

hello... hellokd87

Moriah Peters was an AI reject & she's dominated the Christian Pop charts! Mandisa as well! Honestly I would rather listen to Moriah & Disa than any of the artists mentioned above. They have way more to say & offer inspirationally

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