Kardashian Nanny Spills Juicy Family Secrets

kardashiansEver wonder what the Kardashian girls were like growing up? Well, here's your chance. Former nanny Pam Behan has penned a memoir of her years caring for the Kardashian family, starting on the day Kris married Bruce Jenner: Malibu Nanny: Adventures of the Former Kardashian Nanny.

True, Kris Jenner made Pam cry at the beginning. But did you know Kris also helped out with Pam's college tuition and cried at her graduation recital? What we really want to hear about is the Kardashian girls, though! The book has plenty of surprises about Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe. But we got the chance to chat with Pam ourselves and managed to squeeze out a few exclusives about life with the Kardashian kids.


Khloe seems to have been Pam's favorite. She was just 6 years old when Pam met her and always a total sweetheart. So we had to ask -- what has it been like for Pam to watch Khloe go through so much public turmoil lately? There's all the paternity rumors, the gossip about her marriage to Lamar Odom, difficulties conceiving a baby, getting fired from X Factor. Pam says it's been "heartbreaking" to see Khloe get attacked in the press. "We should give her a bit of a break." But she thinks Khloe will be fine in the end -- and for a surprising reason: She says Khloe is a lot like her mother, Kris Jenner.

"Like her mom, Khloe has a strong personality and speaks her mind," which Pam always admired. She's not likely to let things simmer under the surface until she explodes -- she's going to let it all out. Pam also says Khloe had always been very "happy-go-lucky," a "bubbly" girl who doesn't let a whole lot bother her.

Is she surprised that the Kardashians are so huge -- or did she see superstardom in their future even when the girls were teens? "Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine the Kardashians would be this famous," Pam says. She thought it was a possibility that they might be famous, given the celeb world they were already born into. But nothing like this! She's happy for them, of course.

That said ... Pam isn't surprised it's Kim who's the most famous of the siblings. (She has a hunch non-nonsense Kourtney is probably the least impressed by the sisters' fame.) In the book and in our interview, she emphasized that even as a girl, Kim was an extraordinarily gorgeous child who got a lot of attention for her looks. "She never wore makeup. She just has this amazing natural beauty," Pam says. But though Kim knew she was beautiful and she enjoyed the spotlight, she wasn't arrogant or unkind about it.

Sometimes when Kris' friends were over, Kim would wander in for a snack and Kris' guests would just gush over her. "Wow, Kris, she's so beautiful!" Pam says Kim would just smile and keep going. She was used to it, she accepted it, no big deal. Good grief, imagine growing up like that! Anyway, you can get Malibu Nanny as an ebook online now. It's a fun, eyebrow-raising read.

What do you imagine the Kardashian girls were like as girls and teenagers?


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