'Walking Dead' Series May End in a Big Screen Movie

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The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead was originally a monthly black-and-white comic book series, and it's now a wildly popular TV show on AMC. It's also spawned two novels, two video games, a board game, a number of action figures, two different wristwatch designs, a quarterly magazine, a soundtrack, beer steins, lighters, various t-shirts and other apparel, posters, dog tags, a companion book, a calendar, trading cards, official Halloween costumes, bobble head dolls, and probably a million other pieces of merchandise. Is it any wonder a Walking Dead movie may be in the works?

Rumors have been swirling that discussions about a film adaptation of The Walking Dead are underway. While it's unlikely such a project would hit the big screen any time soon, the working theory is that the TV series may eventually come to a bloody conclusion ... via an hour and a half feature film.

Two words: YES PLEASE.

Screenrant points out that while The Walking Dead was actually shopped as a feature film before it went to AMC, the original comic adaptation worked particularly well as a TV show because of its ongoing nature:

One of the reasons that Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead comic book was so ripe for adaptation into a TV series was that Kirkman’s intent with the comic was to tell a “continuing story of horror.” Instead of having protagonists being whittled down to the last corpse standing, Kirkman was interested in exploring what would happen if people actually did keep surviving over time in a hellish environment like the zombie apocalypse.

The comic hasn't concluded, and thus neither has the TV storyline. (The last comic I read was volume 17, which includes issues 97-102, and it is a DOOZY. I mean, if you think the Governor is a bad guy, wait until you meet Negan. Holy crap.)  But all good things must eventually come to an end, right? Despite creator Robert Kirkman's claim that he wants to keep doing the comic forever:

I just want when all calms down, and when nobody likes The Walking Dead anymore, and everybody hates me, that I am still in my basement doing the comic. I want to be on issue 2000 and still having fun!

Realistically there has to be a final issue at SOME point, though, and I can't imagine that the show will give Meet the Press a run for its money as longest-lasting television series. So is a movie the logical next step?

Its television popularity might make The Walking Dead seem perfect for a movie wrap-up, but it's worth noting there have been plenty of shows that have endured similar rumors that went nowhere. 24, Lost, and The Sopranos, for example.

At any rate, I'm sure everyone associated with the franchise is extremely happy with how it's doing on AMC, so it's unlikely there's a lot of energy currently being poured into strategizing a film version. Still, it would be a hell of a way to end the show, and given Hollywood's love for zombies, this is one rumor that doesn't seem too far-fetched. Plus, here's what Steven Yeun (who plays Glenn) once said about the possibility:

A film would be crazy! I think that would be a great opportunity!

Fan favorite Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) also weighed in favor of the idea:

We have talked about films and ideas for films, and that would be cool. But it feels like we already shoot mini films already. Saying that, I would love to see it on the big screen.

What do you think -- would a Walking Dead movie be a good way to end the series?

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Megan Myers

NO NO NO NO NO I love the weekly series of the walking dead. My entire family, and some of my friends gather up for sunday dinner and the walking dead. It has brought us together in an odd way and it has become a great family bonding thing that i dont want to be over any time soon

Keya25 Keya25


I want movies, tv shows reunion specials, suprise episodes, flashbacks. All of it lol

nonmember avatar linda garris

I love twd. Too soon to end it. This is the best show ontv. Hollywood hands out awards to shows no one watchs(house of lies)250,000 compared to twd 12.5 million. Anyhoo if awards were given based on most watched-guess who would win, lincoln reedus and denai all deserve awards . Hollywood always gets it wrong. Twd isnt pc enough is the reason . Maybe if they had a black gay dwarf lol!!! Anyway a movie will b great in due time. Not yet. Btw whoever said the facination w twd was due to wanting to escape the wars of gw bush is asinine. Show std after bush. How abt obama has made our existence so unbearable and the economy ,jobs,taxes,2nd ammendment,race relations-gas prices -health care costs- cutting medicare-ok u get the point! We escape into a world where class warfare,race problems, is all gone. U dont have to worry abt the economy-there is none. Everyone is bonded by the desire to survive. Cops,lawyers,doctors ,clergy and pizza delivery guys have all been united by the common enemy. We can put the maddness of obama aside and enter the world of stayin alive. Thank u for a great escape and excellant show. Also i have heard rumors that the big guys are going to copy our show for network tv. Remember how after PSYCH bcame so popular they invented the mentalist. Never saw it but they gave it an award but psych carries on w more fans twd and ncis are the most watched shows on tv -awards are deservedfor both but not necessary for the fans. We will not b moved!!!!

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