10 Things About Bradley Cooper's New Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse

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Bradley Cooper has gone official with his 20-year-old girlfriend, London-born model Suki Waterhouse. The pair have been spotted together a lot lately in the past couple of months, including vacationing together in Paris. Considering that Bradley once said that Silver Linings Playbook costar Jennifer Lawrence, at 22, was too young for him, it's a tad bizarre that he ended up with a girl even younger. But oh well. The heart wants what it wants, right? But who is Suki anyway? Bradley, who has dated everyone from Renee Zellweger to Zoe Saldana, usually goes for famous actresses. Interesting that he should have hit it off with this relatively obscure young model. Let's learn more about her. Here are 10 things you need to know about Suki.

1. Suki has been modeling since she was a child. I mean, even MORE of a child! Ha.

2. Suki has the heavy-eyebrows look favored in today's modeling world -- and her best friends, model Cara Delevingne and model/Mick Jagger spawn Georgia Jagger, also have thick eyebrows. So it's like a little thick eyebrow model clique.

3. Suki has modeled for French Connection, Kate Spade, Marks & Spencer, Balenciaga, and many others. She's a favorite model for Vogue.

4. She is the new face of Burberry. Which means lots of free Burberry stuff for Bradley!

5. She met Bradley in February at the BAFTA Awards.

6. She was dating British musician Miles Kane before she met Bradley. Miles must be pissed.

7. As of last year, she went by the name Suki Alice. Not sure why she changed it.

8. Her favorite TV show is Breaking Bad.

9. She is five feet, eight inches tall. Bradley is six-foot-one. They would have tall children.

10. Although she is an active blogger, Facebooker, and tweeter, Suki has yet to say one word about Bradley! Bah!

Do you think Bradley and Suki make a good couple?


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nonmember avatar Guest

No. It's kind of embarrassing he's taking her to places like the White House Correspondents dinner. I think this is a publicly stunt of sorts. I really doubt they're really in a relationship.

nonmember avatar smexie66

She is a fame whore who manipulated hooking up with Brad even though she had boyfriend. They have not seen other for five weeks so hardly call it serious. She is his booty call. He had sex with women in Rio. Hope he uses condoms. Clearly he is on booze and drugs still. Suki is huge partier. He gets bored once newness wears off, so I give it till end of summer. They rarely see each other so it will be done. He is a douche liar. She looks 12 and he looks so old next to her. Guess he has bedded all the hollywood gals so now to children. Gross. I am no longer a fan. He is a douchebag getting laid everywhere by anyone.

nonmember avatar Rine

Suki and Bradley share same birth date. And she resembles a bit of brad's mom.

nonmember avatar K5

I think this ain't gonna last. She needs more fame to bag brands such as Versace and gucci, so she is using him. Just a new fling like always they Both need to date someone there own age.

nonmember avatar Clareeze S.Varg

Unbelievable! Bradley Cooper dirty old man!

nonmember avatar what!?

so gross! jennifer lawrence seems more mature than her.

nonmember avatar sassa

This couole is redicoules. They make the worst couple ever. I mean i wonder how long this will go on...waiting for the news of it being over...they look and behave like father and daughter more then girlfriend/boyfriend.

nonmember avatar Molly

Wow. I don't know why all the commenters are spewing such vitriol. It's easy to be a hater, but you can't go against human nature. You can deny it all you want, but most guys Bradley's age would make a similar choice if they only had the opportunity. Guys in Bradley's position often do go for hot young women. She's probably making a good choice too. She could find a younger guy, but with a younger high value guy it's going to be even harder to tie him down. Bradley is a little older, so they actually have a better chance of working out than if she were with some younger more immature successful guy. I wish them the best. It's hard to tie down a guy with options like Bradley does, so it'll still be a challenge.

nonmember avatar Karen

I think they look ridiculous together she is to young

nonmember avatar Kimmy

From first-hand witnessing of a weekly Lady's Night at a nice restaurant where the more the word spread, the younger the "ladies" got, and, the bigger the crowd became..and older. I'm talking about the males ages. I used to roll my eyes watching the "girls" flirt with who they surely assumed were divorced and wealthy (considering the neighborhood) older gentlemen. Although, admittedly it was also entertaining to watch. The men were obviously enjoying their egos getting stroked. They always were the first to leave, then, a younger crowd of guys arrived, with whom the girls were much more interested in getting acquainted. So, in my opinion, the age difference of Bradley Cooper and his model girlfriend, he's being blinded by his ego. Model or not, at her age I'm sure she has "guy friends" that she's more interested in them having an interest in her. It's likely more serious in his eyes than hers. Hope Bradley wises up and does a little snooping on her phone, he might get a much needed reality check.

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