10 Things About Bradley Cooper's New Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse

Bradley Cooper has gone official with his 20-year-old girlfriend, London-born model Suki Waterhouse. The pair have been spotted together a lot lately in the past couple of months, including vacationing together in Paris. Considering that Bradley once said that Silver Linings Playbook costar Jennifer Lawrence, at 22, was too young for him, it's a tad bizarre that he ended up with a girl even younger. But oh well. The heart wants what it wants, right? But who is Suki anyway? Bradley, who has dated everyone from Renee Zellweger to Zoe Saldana, usually goes for famous actresses. Interesting that he should have hit it off with this relatively obscure young model. Let's learn more about her. Here are 10 things you need to know about Suki.


1. Suki has been modeling since she was a child. I mean, even MORE of a child! Ha.

2. Suki has the heavy-eyebrows look favored in today's modeling world -- and her best friends, model Cara Delevingne and model/Mick Jagger spawn Georgia Jagger, also have thick eyebrows. So it's like a little thick eyebrow model clique.

3. Suki has modeled for French Connection, Kate Spade, Marks & Spencer, Balenciaga, and many others. She's a favorite model for Vogue.

4. She is the new face of Burberry. Which means lots of free Burberry stuff for Bradley!

5. She met Bradley in February at the BAFTA Awards.

6. She was dating British musician Miles Kane before she met Bradley. Miles must be pissed.

7. As of last year, she went by the name Suki Alice. Not sure why she changed it.

8. Her favorite TV show is Breaking Bad.

9. She is five feet, eight inches tall. Bradley is six-foot-one. They would have tall children.

10. Although she is an active blogger, Facebooker, and tweeter, Suki has yet to say one word about Bradley! Bah!

Do you think Bradley and Suki make a good couple?


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