Kim Zolciak Returning to 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Is Music to Our Ears

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Kim ZolciakI'll be brutally honest: Real Housewives of Atlanta is probably one of my least favorite of the franchise. Maybe it's the type of drama they're dealing with down south or the pains of jealousy that my donkey booty is non-existent. Regardless, something just felt like it was missing for me this past season, and I think I have an inkling of what that is. Kim Zolciak.

Well lucky for me, the Don't Be Tardy star dished to Us about a possible return to the series. "I can't say that I won't return to Real Housewives of Atlanta," Kim said. "Housewives brings its own little spice."

Yes, yes, it most certainly does. And YES please. I can't even front here -- I think Kim coming back to Real Housewives of Atlanta could be EXACTLY what the show needs.

Everyone has their own opinion on Kim, but mine is that she's pretty level-headed. Sure, she's extravagant and has a bazillion wigs in her closet -- but the woman is a good mother and what I believe to be a good judge of character. In my eyes, Kim brings great qualities to the outgoing cast that, at times, can just be WAY too much to handle (not that we'd want it any other way).

My favorite quality? Her humor. Seriously, the woman is hilarious. And while NeNe Leakes usually takes front and center when the whole gaggle is together, adding Kim back into the mix may be able to even the whole thing out and bring the intensity down a MUCH-needed notch. Heck, it wouldn't hurt these ladies to take a breath every now and again. In my opinion, Kim's that breath of fresh air we've been hoping for.

Would you want to see Kim Zolciak back on Real Housewives of Atlanta?


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Serab... Serabelle

I love Kim, and now that she and Nene are working out their differences it would be fun to see them back in action! RHOA is my least fav of the franchise, and this past season without Kim was so unbearable. I only watched a few episodes and it was painful. It seems like these women all have entitlement issues, all have to be center of the universe and are looking for reasons to fight. Won't watch at all next season without Kim.

Renee Gray

are u white because there a lot of issues about kim being races and i think that nene them held it down especially for the ratings!

nonmember avatar Indi

Keep it chocolate. I loved RHOA this season. Don't bring her back.

Priscilla Lege


Cleo Brown

NO NO NO this season has been the greatest yet,it is because The Ladies of Atlanta have been on point and Kim with her racial taunts and jealous side bars have been absent, let her stay on her show but keep her away from RHoA,please,please,please. She brings nothing to the show,a woman who can't get along with her own mama, is a sad specimen of humanity,whatever the reason, she is still your Mother.Keep KIM zolciak off RHoA.

Karen Easterwood

YES...Kim coming back would be awesome!

Karen Easterwood

cleo brown...just because she doesn't see eye to eye with her mom doesn't make her a bad person...her mom is a little controling...Kim is a great mom and is funny...she brings alot of fun to the show. And just because someone gave birth to you doesn't mean she's a "mom"...nope not at all!

risha... rishafoxxy

Is so fale and full of shade she looked good on the reunion, but she looks even better gone. She brings nothing to the show because her life is so different and I could respect that if she'd just owm it. Yes she needs to keep it moving this last season was the highest rated EVER with no Kim and it needs tp stay that way. Although her lil show is on I don't hear any noise like its great tv soooo who klnows WIG just mau make a

nonmember avatar ShiningStar

Nobody wants to see Kim come back on the show, except for maybe a few White people. And it's not about Kim being White, it's just that the show is soo much better without her. Even the ladies on the show were insinuating that the show is better without her. I really hope that she don't come back EVER.

nonmember avatar Saraí

I am not sure why people think Kim is so great. She is nothing but superficial. And a great parent she is not. She even says she is her kids friend.

This season was great. I loved all the stupidity that went on. And excuse me, Serabelle, every woman in the RHW franchise thinks she is the center of the universe. That's why we ALL tune in and watch their total ridiculousness!!!

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