'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Latest Arrest Gives Her Another Mugshot for the Scrapbook (PHOTOS)

Jenelle Evans mugshotJenelle Evans certainly has had a rough go of it, hasn't she? The Teen Mom 2 star was arrested this week on charges of heroin possession and domestic violence. But in a month that also brought us the shocking arrest of actress Reese Witherspoon for disorderly conduct, Jenelle's arrest stands out in that it's not shocking in the least. If anything, fans of the show have come to expect the troubled reality star to end up in the police blotter.

Not fair? It is when you have enough mugshots to fill a family photo album!

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This heroin arrest is the Teen Mom's first of the year, but since 2010, she's been a familiar face for Brunswick County, North Carolina cops. They've charged her with everything from breaking and entering to cyberstalking and then some.

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Here's a look at nine of Jenelle's mugshots over the years -- yup, I said nine -- all the way up to her latest. 

Were you shocked by Jenelle's heroin arrest, or is this something you've come to expect from her?


Image via Brunswick County Police

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Amber Ortega

Honestly, I feel bad for her.  I know she's a screw up and all, but she has mental health issues.  Her mom should have gotten her help WAY earlier on.  Two of my kids suffer from bipolar disorder and I've had my son in counseling since he was 4 (he's now 12) and my daughter for the past 2 years (she's now 9).  I recognized early on that there were behavior issues that weren't of the norm.  They acted SO off based compared to kids their age (my son throwing chairs in PreK, throwing himself on the floor and cussing me out in the middle of stores, my daughter throwing fits for hours on end and having no remorse for her actions...along with never taking responsibility for anything she did).  I saw the issues and started looking for solutions early on so I don't end up with kids in their teens that act like Jenelle.  Her mom didn't spend time when she was a child to get her the help she needed and now it might be too late.  Jenelle doesn't WANT to change.  The life she lives is what she is comfortable with and will continue to revert back to it, even after rehab, etc.  

nonmember avatar naomi h

I agree with the previous poster that Jenelle's mom turned a blind eye. Things could be very different if she'd gotten help for her years ago. In fact I used to defend Jenelle because she is such a product of her upbringing but now I am just disgusted that this girl craps on every opportunity she has been given to make a good choice, to get help, ro get well... all whole claiming her son is the most important thing to her.

Shandi80 Shandi80

With that many mugshots, it seems like the system has been too easy on her and should just lock her up for a year or two so she will learn her lesson.

nonmember avatar Christie

@Amber Ortega I kind of feel the same about her "mistakes" over the years. But after the episode where they showed her in rehab and showed her acknowledging that she was self-medicating with pot, she really can't keep blaming her upbringing. There comes a point, as adults, where no matter how we were raised we need to take responsibility for our actions, and more than that, we need to learn to change them in the future.

Amber Ortega

@Christie - I'm not saying she shouldn't take responsibility for her actions...BUT if she is suffering from a mental illness (which she is, bipolar disorder) then it isn't so easy just to change.  I watch my kids when they are in their mood swings and they are completely different children, when they calm down they realize what they did, said, threw, kicked, punched was wrong to do, but they can't help it while they are having an episode.  If she's used to self-medicating with marajuana, it may not be easy for her to deal with life in general without having that to calm her down.  

nonmember avatar Mel

FILTH!! DONE watching the show!!! the show needs to be cancelled.....or just have Jenells story DONE!!!!

tmrvi... tmrvica1225

I feel bad for her son the most! He is going to suffer the same sad fate because his father is a deadbeat and his mother is obviously a drug addict (with mental disorders). That boy doesn't have a chance! The grandmother is raising him. And although I commend her for taking responsibility of the child, I think she made it TOO easy on her daughter. Jenelle didn't get this way on her own...there are a lot of factors here. Where is her father in all this? He is noticeably absent.

xxshe... xxshelbyxxx

I wish someone would offer to step in and help her. Why hasn't her own mother done an intervention on her? She's obviously got $ from MTV so why doesn't she get into a good rehab? I don't follow the show and never plan to but I hear random tidbits about the girls and I remember hearing years ago that janelle was a heroin addict so WHY HASN'T SHE GOTTEN HELP!? Where's her family at and why does she have custody of her child? If MTV gave a flying shit about teens or their reality stars, they'd cut her off completely until she's clean! Just like tour managers do when their rock stars are addicts and going nowhere. Poor girl.

I'm a recovering heroin addict and I can tell you that if I were to EVER even have so much as a lapse (a one time relapse) my mom would take action like THAT and Id be in court fighting for custody of my kid. And that's only because she knows what heroin addiction is and what it does to a person and she knows that no fucking addict can care for a damn child! Luckily I got sober around the time i found out I was pregnant and my son saved my life BUT if that were to god forbid change one day, I wouldn't have the chance to screw up again if I wanted custody of my child.

So I don't blame her upbringing but I do wanna know where her family is on this one

Pamela Long Chomyszak

>>> jgmann.....love the " bend and snap " LOL I loved that movie..lost count on how many times I have watched it...but a good conment...and >>> cat-lover ..." walk the line " good saying..loved that movie also..she really did great on sounding like June Carter..love her acting for all movies she has made...

DandJ... DandJsGrandma

I feel very sorry for her son Jace! I also hope she doesn't have anymore kids! Her mother needs to stop yelling, arguing and carrying on in front of that little boy! 

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