Reese Witherspoon Arrest Video Is Proof She Deserves Our Forgiveness (WATCH)

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reese mugshotReese Witherspon has been understandably laying low since she and husband and agent Jim Toth were arrested in Atlanta, she was charged "disorderly conduct," and she embarrassed herself by pulling the cringe-worthy, "Do you know who I am?" celebrity card. The acerbic tongue-wagging about America's sweetheart exhibiting far less than sweet behavior could be enough to keep her out of the public eye for a while. (Or at least until her publicist develops a spin for her to sell when she decides to do the late night circuit. My guess is they'll go for one parts self-deprecating to two parts apologetic.)

But! In the meantime! We can now watch a recently released video of her in the parking lot of the Atlanta jail, getting un-handcuffed, and following an officer in to get booked. Check it out ...

I don't know about you, but I think she looks pretty darn compliant and embarrassed right there. Sure, the surveillance footage is kinda blurry, so it's sort of hard to tell much at all, but hey, she did as she was told, and it looks like she's even sort of hanging her head in shame. Aw! She's sorry, guys! Plus, she can clearly walk, so she was definitely not THAT drunk! (Although a police source did tell People, "She was wobbly. She didn't need help walking, but she wasn't at a point where we could get a really clear picture.")

Ever since this story blew up, I've felt like, hey, the woman's only human. She was standing by her man and got a little carried away with her tipsy self. She screwed up, sure, but it's not like she pulled anything CLOSE to what many of her celebrity peers (especially those who are extra screwed up as a result of growing up in the biz, like she did!) do on the regular. I actually feel bad that she's walking on eggshells and worried she's forever tarnished her squeaky-clean, hot Hollywood mom image

As far as I'm concerned, this footage makes it even clearer -- Reese didn't mess up so badly that she shouldn't be publicly forgiven. Sooner rather than later.

What do you think about this footage? Do you forgive Reese?



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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

She was in a car with a drunk driver. I don't care WHO you are or HOW sorry you are... it could have been disastrous. I have lost a lot of respect for this woman.

Carme... Carmen8706

I agree with HistoryMamaX3.  Her husband could have killed himself, her, or somebody else.  Drunk driving is never a minor offense in my book, and I have yet to hear any apologies from either of them about what could have been a very deadly decision. 

nonmember avatar Pam

She deserves every second of the bad press. Her husband could have killed someone. He could have killed her. Maressa actually wrote that she's not THAT drunk because she's still able to walk?! What is wrong with you? You are a bad writer missing some common sense...

nonmember avatar roninxian

Why does she deserve forgiveness? She was interfering with a police officer. She ignored directions to stay in the car. Drunk, both of them, and their actions betrayed them. She is a "star"? Well, big deal, this does NOT excuse her from being an idiot. I'm just hoping when it comes down to resolving the issue she gets some sort of stern correctional attitude adjustment from the judge. So strange, the judge is not a 'celebrity' but he is the one with the power now. I wonder if she knows who he is?

nonmember avatar julie

no forgiveness for drunk driving

nonmember avatar MilitaryWife81

NO there is a time to be supportive and a time to call a cab! Drunk driving is NOT harmless it KILLS and her being a supportive wife makes her look like an IDIOT not someone to be forgiven...a police officer protecting HER and everyone else on the road did his job...she SHOULD be ashamed of herself!

nonmember avatar lol

joke? please say it was

Cynthia Parten

I agree with the other commenters. Reese Witherspoon has always been one of the very few celebrities who I respected. And she seemed like she had earned everyone's respect. But to get in a car with someone you KNOW is drunk is horrible. If the cop had not pulled them over, something disastrous could have happened. You could ALMOST forgive her for that though, but then she actually smart mouthed the cop?? That's ridiculous. I have lost so much respect for her. She will have to do a lot more than hang her head in shame to earn my forgiveness.

nonmember avatar Thea

She doesn't need my forgiveness, she didn't do anything to me but if she wants to risk her life that's on her, they should have kept her ass handcuffed thru the booking process like they would have done with anyone else, she's not that damn special with her jay leno chin....

nonmember avatar Nell b

why should she need your guy's forgiveness?? I'm sure she could care less whether u guys forgive her or not. people make mistakes. people say and do things they regret. im sure u all have done some things in your life u shouldnt have done, so keep ur negative ass comments to yourself.

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