'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Arrested for Heroin But the Worst Is Still to Come (PHOTO)

Jenelle EvansIt just keeps on getting worse for Teen Mom Jenelle Evans. The star of MTV's drama was arrested for possession of heroin (and not a little bit of it, either) and is also accused of assaulting her husband Courtland Rogers.

According to TMZ, Jenelle had 12 bindles of heroin after an alleged domestic dispute with Rogers. She also had drug paraphernalia and has a warrant for failure to pay child support for her son Jace. Holy hell. Just last night, on Teen Mom, we saw Jenelle fall back deeply into her addiction, asking her then-boyfriend Kieffer to buy her drugs. Now this. 

It never ends, does it? My heart aches for her baby son who never asked to be brought into this world and would likely have a much better shot at a happy life if his mother could stay consistently off drugs and away from bad men.

I had hope for Jenelle. Once. I really did. She was young and she seemed like she might have had a shot to get it all together. I don't have that hope anymore. Jenelle is a mess, a plain old mess, and watching it makes us -- and MTV -- the bad guys.

I fear at some point very soon, we will be reading her obituary. Seriously, it's that bad.

Between the drugs and the violence and the bad mental health, it's hard to know which way is up with Jenelle. I would love to know what made her this way. I would love to know what went so wrong in her life that she ended up on this self-destructive, painful path.

It's painful to see again and again, but for her son, it must be even worse. We are so past the point of wondering whether MTV should take the show off the air. Obviously, they should. But they should do more than that, too.

They need to stage an intervention, use their resources, and get her the help she so clearly needs. Of course, no one can help a person who doesn't want to be helped. I am not confident Jenelle will ever get the help she so needs. Unfortunately, at some point not too far in the future, I fear we will be reading something about how she died and then we can say we watched it all unfold on MTV.

It won't make us look good at all. Poor Jenelle. Poorer Jace.

Do you think Jenelle will ever get it together?


Image via Brunswick County

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LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

She is pretty much a lost cause, along with her nasty co-star Farrah.

nonmember avatar Ashley

If she is anything like my parents no. These drugs rip families apart. They will say they will stop they will say they are getting their lives together only to be sucked right back in as soon as they are free. It's a vicious never ending cycle. Poor Jace, at least he has good grandparents to take care of him.

Melan... MelanieJK

Doesn't sound good.    Search summation....

Heroin’s particular pharmacological properties, combined with the hazardous conditions and methods in which it is used (read: injected), makes it a uniquely addictive drug with uniquely grim statistics.

While lasting recovery is possible when the right treatment is applied, there are, behind the available heroin addiction recovery statistics, all too many stories of failed abstinence, lifelong addiction and premature death.


tuffy... tuffymama

Who the hell can film that trainwreck and not intervene??? Souls are getting mighty dark in this world.

Eddie... EddiesMama83

Crappy articles like this are just as wrong as MTV airing Jenelle's antics. YOU are sensationalizing the story as much as everyone else. Don't be a hypocrite.

youth... youthfulsoul

Like I said in another post about her earlier today. She's a train wreck through and through. I feel for her poor child. I also wish her mother would stop allowing her anywhere near that kid. All that seems to do is subject Jace to their screaming matches.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Barb is in her 60s and Jace is only four. I wonder what becomes of him if Barb falls ill or passes away. It's so sad to look at beautiful Jace and know that, whatever happens, the odds are so stacked against him.

Green... GreenEyesMom

I agree, how can they keep filming this and not throw her ass in an inpatient rehab. I mean one that she has to go to and stay for like 4 months or more. Why is it anyone whos on tv gets a slap on the wrist for crazy shit. Totally not what i would want my 16 year old watching if i had one.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I agree Tuffy!!

nonmember avatar kati

Im sorry but teen mom1 and 2 should have never been on the air to begin with, There are so many other things going on with the world and all really people are paying attention to is this stuff

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