Reese Witherspoon Cancels Appearances Because She Knows We’ll Ask About Her Time in Lockup

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Reese WitherspoonI'm still in disbelief over all of this Reese Witherspoon disorderly conduct business. Like most of my friends and the rest of America, I look at Reese and I see America's sweetheart. I see the girl who was in Legally Blonde, How Do You Know, and Water for Elephants. I didn't think that was the same woman who would say, "Don't you know who I am?!" to a policeman after her husband gets a DUI. But heck, alcohol can change a person in a LOT of ways I suppose.

After the incident, Witherspoon managed to make it out to the premiere for her new movie Mud. Since then, the actress has cancelled a whole slew of appearances including Good Morning America and Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel. I mean, are you surprised? Kimmel made fun of her on Monday on his show. You think she wants to sit through that in person?

I don't blame her. Not one bit. Even after her big apology, I'd wanna take a back seat too.

Believe me -- I'm with the rest of you, I definitely want to hear more details at some point. I'd love to see Reese step foot on Good Morning America and how she tackles the hard-hitting questions. But I just don't really know what else we need to know about this situation right now. The facts are that Reese and her husband Jim Toth went out for a good time. They drank a bunch, he drove when he shouldn't have, she tried to speak out and said some silly things. They got booked. Period.

Am I trying to downplay the severity of his offense? Not at all. He shouldn't have driven and it sets a bad example. However, this whole thing doesn't make Reese a bad person. The woman never gets into "trouble," she messed up this time, now it's all over, and I think we need to ease off of her a bit. People make mistakes. She's clearly embarrassed or she wouldn't have apologized. Let her take a back seat, let her fellow Mud costars handle the press for a while, and allow her to handle this situation in her own time.

Do you think Reese should have cancelled her appearances?


Image via City of Atlanta Department of Corrections



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nonmember avatar Peter

She deserves no forgiveness. She should've known better.

nonmember avatar singer825

Lol she deserves no forgiveness? For drunkenly mouthing off to a cop? Hardly the worst crime of the century and certainly no reason to ban forgiveness for life. She's human. I'm over it and agree with the writer. Now the hubby on the other hand, have at him.

nonmember avatar Cindy

"Drink at home"? She is filming in GA, where they got arrested, I understood. She had no home to drink at. I thought about this when reading the account, being familiar with the area. I suspected the officer saw the telltale rental vehicle, and in that area knew the liklihood it was someone from out of town on the way back to their hotel. They usually have 3 children with them at home, but it sounds like they had taken advantage of their night alone. Poor Reese also does not sound like she is so used to drinking that she can handle her alcohol these days. I am from her hometown of Nashville, and Reese never had a reputation of getting drunk, nor being arrogant regardless of whether drinking, around here. And for the record, if she planned to be at an event involving alcohol in Nashville, Reese was always known to be driven by others here. So until I know something worse, I believe Reese Witherspoon most certainly made a forgivable mistake for which she is already paying. Everyone deserves a break; life is hard enough.

Dawn Leinbaugh

Give Reese a break! Aren't we all human and make mistakes of our own? I don't view her actions as being all that serious.She had a few drinks and she was concerned for her husbands well being.If the police officer thought she was such a threat he should have called for back up instead of arresting her.Some of you thought she threw her star power around by stating "Do you know my name?" Well how about him abusing his police officer power by arresting an innocent woman that posed no threat to him? Hold your head high,Reese.Your true fans love you and we all have done and said things in life that we wish we could take back,unfortunately being a star puts her in the public eye and makes it oh so easy for some to judge her.

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