Reese Witherspoon Cancels Appearances Because She Knows We’ll Ask About Her Time in Lockup

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Reese WitherspoonI'm still in disbelief over all of this Reese Witherspoon disorderly conduct business. Like most of my friends and the rest of America, I look at Reese and I see America's sweetheart. I see the girl who was in Legally Blonde, How Do You Know, and Water for Elephants. I didn't think that was the same woman who would say, "Don't you know who I am?!" to a policeman after her husband gets a DUI. But heck, alcohol can change a person in a LOT of ways I suppose.

After the incident, Witherspoon managed to make it out to the premiere for her new movie Mud. Since then, the actress has cancelled a whole slew of appearances including Good Morning America and Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel. I mean, are you surprised? Kimmel made fun of her on Monday on his show. You think she wants to sit through that in person?

I don't blame her. Not one bit. Even after her big apology, I'd wanna take a back seat too.

Believe me -- I'm with the rest of you, I definitely want to hear more details at some point. I'd love to see Reese step foot on Good Morning America and how she tackles the hard-hitting questions. But I just don't really know what else we need to know about this situation right now. The facts are that Reese and her husband Jim Toth went out for a good time. They drank a bunch, he drove when he shouldn't have, she tried to speak out and said some silly things. They got booked. Period.

Am I trying to downplay the severity of his offense? Not at all. He shouldn't have driven and it sets a bad example. However, this whole thing doesn't make Reese a bad person. The woman never gets into "trouble," she messed up this time, now it's all over, and I think we need to ease off of her a bit. People make mistakes. She's clearly embarrassed or she wouldn't have apologized. Let her take a back seat, let her fellow Mud costars handle the press for a while, and allow her to handle this situation in her own time.

Do you think Reese should have cancelled her appearances?


Image via City of Atlanta Department of Corrections

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