'DWTS' Kellie Pickler May Be the Best Dancer of This So-So Season (VIDEO)

Kellie PicklerKellie Pickler is a huge fan favorite during season 16 of DWTS. It's pretty obvious that she and Zendaya are the favorites to win the whole thing, and last night, Pickler's dance with Derek Hough to Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lover" was Len's favorite dance of the season.

But why?

I mean, yes, it was great, but I don't know. Maybe I am biased because there have been so many great dancers on this show, but Pickler isn't wowing me the way Nicole Scherzinger did or the way Gilles Marini or Melissa Rycroft did. She's just good. But not AMAZING. See below:

According to Len, this was "the best dance I've seen on season 16."

Carrie Ann Inaba also added, "Everything about it was perfect except there was some space in your hold." They got two 10s.

It always seems like the dances kind of get scored according to what the season holds. If the dancers generally aren't amazing, then people who would have been mediocre on any other season suddenly shine. It's a strange phenomenon.

Pickler is good, but she just lacks the charisma that past stars have had in the dance. This season is slim pickin's so far. Which is a shame, really.

Pickler may take it all home, but best dancer ever? An all star? Probably not. There is just a certain thing that past obvious winners have had. Pickler has flexibility and some showmanship and she clearly has the moves, but there is a charisma that she lacks. Of course, anyone dancing with Derek ends up shining. He inevitably brings out the best in all his dancers. It's unclear what he does, but the boy has talent!

I guess we will see, though. She still has a lot more time.

Do you think Pickler will win?


Image via YouTube

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Marla Shanks- Sanderholm

she is very good, and has a good chance to win.. others however are also very good.. it is too early to tell.

Rebekah Villanueva

Kellie Pickler is petite and is good but I really don't think she'll win it. I'm betting Zendaya will probably take it. She's gotten 2-10's twice now and I bet she'll start getting perfect scores.

Marian Settle

No Zendaya should win, she's the best for so young, then Pickler.

Diana Fields

Yes Yes Yes!!!! She is awesome.

Marge Palmer

I would like to see her win she is a good dancer but some of the others are to...

Kit Lloyd

I am hoping for Zendaya. Kellie is good, but Zendaya is better. Len should be ashame of himself, Zendaya deserved a 10 from him last night. Besides I think Len has gotten mean and nasty since he got married.

Sandy Mullican

I'm hoping Ingo and Kym are going to win

Charleen Borchers

I picked her from day one. She is poised, she is gorgeous, and she is charming and adorable. AND she has a GOd given tallent not just to sing, but to dance as well. She deserves to win the mirror ball!! Go Kelly!!


Geri Charipar Pollard

I certainly hope so. Zendaya is great too, but too young. Kelly and Derek are the very BEST!

Nancy Fry McNamara

I think she is the best. She has not had YEARS of dance training that Zendaya has had. Remember, Zendaya has already been a performer in more than one dance troupe!

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