'Ready for Love' Canceled After Just Two Episodes for Trying WAY Too Hard

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ready for love giuliana bill rancicAaaand just like that, the Eva Longoria-produced NBC dating show, Ready for Love, has been canceled after just TWO episodes! Whoa fail. While I felt like the premiere was beyond cringe-worthy, I'm actually a bit surprised that the show got axed SO fast. But then again, the unaired episodes must've been horrible enough that NBC felt it had to put the Bachelor competitor out of its misery.

It's sort of a bummer, in a way, because the concept -- to have matchmakers, not casting agents help singles find love in a Voice-style competition show -- could have worked.

If only it hadn't been executed in such a contrived, plastic, sexist, cliche, over-the-top sensationalistic way. If only Eva and whoever else was behind the development actually had a clue about the elements audiences would be into (like Giulana and Bill!) and the parts we wouldn't (like those bizarro, Barbie doll box-style containers that rise up from below the stage to "present" the female contestants). If only Eva wasn't hooking up with one of the eligible bachelors ...?! She and her rep have denied that's true, but who knows? If only, if only. But now, it's way too late, and who knows if the rest of the season will ever see the light of day?! (Sure, there's a chance it'll be "aired" online, but like that matters.)

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What also blows is that this is probably going to serve as a cautionary tale of sorts to Hollywood execs who are considering matchmaker-directed dating shows. But the reality is that we could stand to see more couples actually paired up by genuine compatibility as opposed to hotness or who looks best on the cover of the celeb weeklies. Too bad Ready for Love wasn't ready to deliver that.

Are you surprised it's already been canceled? Disappointed?


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momofcfk momofcfk

Disappointed :( I liked that show....and i hate the bachelor.

Julie Prewett Remington

The premiere was exhausting - but of course captivating... and now they are gonna leave us hanging!!! Boo on that... but I won't loose sleep over it...

Karen Quo

I actually liked the first two episodes! Bummer we can't see what happens...

Jerri Heitz-Bailey

I am disappointed. Love seeing Giuliana and Bill together.

Carol Cromer

It wasn't the greatest, but I was watching it and it seems really inconsiderate to not air the rest of the shows so we would have closure, so we would know the final outcome for each of those guys.  At least NBC could put "out there" in internet world, or somewhere accessible to everyone who wants to know, what happened.

Tandra Wahlstrom Dunn

I tried to watch the show, maybe watched it a half hour and I must say, It should be canceled. The show was terrible....Just Saying.



Britney Robinson

I hate Guilana, Bill is ok, but Guliana is one of those people who likes things because they are cool or popular, I really don't think she wanted a baby because she is maternal and likes babies, but just because they are cute, a cool, and her husband wanted one. Literally a three year old ran away crying from her screaming bloody murder. I would have too! She wasn't dressed, friendly or as a mom, she was wearing 6 inch heels(I love heels but come on when your running after a toddler), and she clearly had no clue what she was doing. Then she had the nerve to act nervous when she left her baby with Bill's mom(who raised him, without the help of nanny's), she barley even knew ANYTHING about babies.

nonmember avatar mom2

I think the millionaire matchmaker is doing it best. Love her directness. She could take this concept on and do it right.

Fondue Fondue

Britney, believe me, a woman does not go through everything she went through fertility-wise because she thinks a baby would be a "cool" thing to have.  You obviously have no idea how heart-wrenching and emotionally exhausting it is to deal with fertility treatments.  And a three-year-old running away from someone is not a reliable barometer as to whether or not that person genuinely wants children. 

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