Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Take Dance Lessons So They Must Be Planning a Wedding

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robert pattinsonHow does a guy show his lady he truly loves her? Let me count the ways: Bringing her flowers, holding her hair while she vomits, telling her that dress makes her look incredible not fat, and taking dance lessons with her. And look who's doing that! Apparently Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are taking dance classes together -- her idea, of course.

A source says, "Rob is the first to admit he's a terrible dancer." Kristen has been badgering him to step up his moves for ages, and he's finally agreed. "The pair have already had a couple of lessons with a private instructor and have been practising their moves at Kristen’s mum’s house in Malibu, California, where they are currently staying." Aww! Wait -- they're staying at her mother's house?

I'm sorry, I was a little distracted by that detail. Maybe you already knew this? Okay, well, they're grownups. I'm sure it's not at all awkward for either of them.

But back to the dancing lessons, which is why we all came here. Some may speculate that dance lessons mean they're practicing for their wedding -- you know, the wedding they're going to have when they get married because Rob gave Kristen his grandmother's ring and so it's happening right? This Robsten wedding is so happening.

But not so fast, Twi-hards! I don't even think these two are the marrying kind. If they stay together as a couple, they're going to be more like Brad and Angelina, casually making babies together and then perhaps getting married later on as an afterthought. Sometimes, paraphrasing Freud here, a dance lesson is just a dance lesson.

Do you think dance lessons mean Rob and Kristen are getting ready to waltz down the aisle together?


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May CH

He is so STUPID! and she is a BITCH!

small... smallfryes

Actually, I thought maybe they were practicing for 'Dancing with the Stars' since their 'Twilight' fame is over.

Laura Lynn

The fact that Rob and Kris are taking dance lessons because they are planning a wedding is an incredibly stupid idea.  You really need to stop jumping to conclusions.

nonmember avatar stacey

they make the perfect couple i hope they make more movies together yall people needa stop being so freakn negative....

nonmember avatar Brandy

She'll probably cheat on him again before they ever get married if there planning to marry

TheRe... TheRealSomebody

People do not believe anything you read on the internet, especially about Kristen and Rob. The media will say anything no matter how absurd to sell their rags. Rob was in NY to take a meeting before heading out of the country to film a new movie. The dude in the car was not Rupert Holmes..come on now..really?

nonmember avatar hancock

hope they do get married they are adorable together if ppl would leave them alone and let them be happy it would prolly happen a lot sooner...they obviuosly love each other very much ppl make mistakes and they learn from them soo i doent need to be brought up all the time..

Katelyn Joyner

Let them have there own life

Barbara Coleman

Taking dance lessons does not mean a marriage by a long shot.

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