Matt Bomer in New '50 Shades of Grey' Trailer Shows Ian Somerhalder Doesn't Have a Prayer (VIDEO)

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matt bomerToday's your lucky day, Fifty Shades of Grey fans. Yet another "trailer" has been released starring Christian and Ana favorites Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel. The editing is a little shoddy, and looks like it was done at around 3:00 a.m. after 4 or 12 beers, but hey, we'll take what we can get right now. Check it out. (Oh, and you might not want to watch this at work, FYI. Don't think the higher-ups will appreciate seeing ass and whatnot flying around on your computer screen.)

Blake Lively, Jason Statham, and Paul Walker. Interesting choices. I like them. And although this trailer looks super unprofesh (the CW logo at the bottom of the screen killed it for me), it kind of gives you a good idea of what Matt, Alexis, and their dark hair and icy blue eyes would look like as the leads -- not too shabby. (Also, makes more sense than the weird Matt Damon Fifty Shades of Grey casting.)

Before watching this, I was Team Ian Somerhalder all the way -- mainly because I feel like the idea has been ingrained into my brain. But I don't know, Fifty Shades heads, Matt Bomer makes a pretty good case in this, ah, trailer. I think I'm switching sides. Off to Kinkos to print up "Team Matt" t-shirts!

Who do you want to be cast as Christian?

Image via vagueonthehow/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Sarah

Ian never had a prayer, he flopped in film years ago, they won't trust a film series to him. Matt's too good for it though. Real acting roles like The Normal Heart are his future.

nonmember avatar Samael Hamish

Fake. Scenes from White Collar, Sister hood of the Traveling Pants, and a few other tv shows/movies...what a disappointment. Really wanted to see this if it was real...

Antonella Fiorentino

matt is perfect for cristian grey , i'm sorry for ian but maybe he can play jack hyde ...

Lora McFarland

Ian Somerhalder all the way. I like Matt Bomer but from that video it well sucked.liar

Kim Mehta

Sorry but Matt just doesnt do it for me. CG is Ian all the way.

nonmember avatar Angel

I think Matt Bomer should play Christian, he has the right look for him. He is a great actor and I think Alexis Blebel should play Ana, they would make a great couple for the movie!!

Rocio Acosta B

it has to be Matt, hes exactly how i picture it while i was reading the book. An Alexis is the perfect Ana!!!!!

Devon Jacobs

Still believe Ian was meant for the roll. plus honestly if i saw Matt playign CG, I would just imagine him with his boyfriend too much 0.o


Bridget Osborn

Really, a clip of IHOP, LOL!! Yeah, this video clip is terrible but maybe with different music it could have been a tad better, just a tad. Maybe, IHOPS theme song, haha.

nonmember avatar CT

No way is Matt CG. Ian all the way for me x

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