Kristen Stewart Seen Getting Into Car With Rupert Sanders Lookalike

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Kristen StewartWhile the boyfriend's away, Kristen will play? Again?! Media outlets are abuzz that Kristen Stewart is up to her old tricks again -- with her old trick! Anyone remember the name Rupert Sanders?!! Paparazzi have possibly caught KStew up to no good again, with the same guy she was up to no good with last year. Or ... he's Rupert's doppelganger. After spending the night with friends at a Mexican restaurant, Kristen left and got into a car with a guy who looks suspiciously like Rupert. At least ... from a distance.

The car also looks just like a car owned by Rupert. And boyfriend Robert Pattinson is apparently out of town. So ... you do the math!

Let's take a trip down memory lane ... last year, Kristen rocked Twihards everywhere by having some kind of affair or at least hookup session with her married director of Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders. Rob and KStew split up over it, but seem to be more together now than ever. I mean, they actually displayed a little PDA at Coachella!

Rupert's wife, Liberty Ross, wasn't as forgiving. She filed for divorce and is now dating music producer Jimmy Iovine.

So would Kristen really risk meeting up with Rupert again knowing that paps trail her every move?! Honestly, I doubt it. She'd have to be in complete and utter denial to try that again.

Readers at the Daily Mail are theorizing that the man in the car is actually the valet driver, but that makes no sense since Kristen gets into the passenger seat. Others point out differences in Rupert's black Acura, and the car that Kristen is seen getting into. Says one reader:

That's not the same car. The Acura he drives has a completely different front to this car, the lights a thinner and there is no grill visable from the side, like the car she's getting into.

Adds another:

Not the same car. The front valance, below the bumper, isn't from an Acura, and the door mirrors are different. The headlights appear to be a different shape, too. Doesn't mean it wasn't him, but its not the same car.

Oooh, you have to love the Internet sleuths!

Another asks, reasonably enough, why the photographer just didn't take a picture of the license plate so it could be compared with Rupert's. Seriously, people?! If it is Kristen and Rupert, they're not committing any crime. Though, yes, it might make more sense to check things out further before making insinuations.

Then there's the strange possibility that these two are friends and Rob is fine with that. It does happen sometimes!

Do you think this is Rupert?

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Paulina Zurita Caicedo

dejenlos tranquilos por Dios... y si no tienen vida comprensen una... pero ya no sean malos... ayuden a que el mundo sea diferente por eso estamos como estamos por personas malintencionadas que solo buscan llenarse los bolsillos de dinero a costa del daño a los demas...trabajen con honestidad no asi... que bajos...

Nenna Cowan

Yes!Hope she screws up again,how to get around that without Rob finding out,no other way of getting hurt,hope he don't feel surprised and hurt but hope he leaves her!

Becky Bowen

robert  and  kristen  love  each  other  no  she  woudnt  jepordise  what  they  are trying  to  get  back  together  never  i  dont  think  so


Francis Miranda Travieso

diganme si es cierto lo de kristen con el bendito director Rupert Sanders. y si es haci me depcecionas kristen tu no valoras lo que tienes .. de verdad siento una gran tristeza si es verdad lo que vi...

Connie Ahles Stennes

Dear God, people! LEAVE THIS GIRL ALONE! You are just looking for trouble and are jumping to conclusions. Why publish this trash as speculation. You are harming people's lives by guessing. And yes, I read the article out of morbid curiosity. So I imagine your ploy worked. But go be hateful to someone else for a while, will you?

Francis Miranda Travieso

si vale yo creo que es embuste vale los paparazzis sin son malo no allan como da?ar la vida de los demas si esos es embusten busque la pagina robsten para que veas que es embuste de lo que dicen ellos si mas bien ella estaba dejando a robert en el areopuerto ahh y ella no es loca para estar jugando con robert y mucho menos va da?ar su vida sabiendo que ella misma se va raya por el mundo entero... 

Shahmeen Shamim Khan

May be She was going wid him in a meeting for their film or....

Miriam Webb

I dont think it was Rupert. But i did not see her get into the car.I dont think she is that stupid. Why not leave her alone. You want something real to bitch about. Complaine about Reese Witherspoons Husband driving drunk. That to me is a real issue to bitch about. Exspecially when they have money to hire some one to drive there drunk asses around. People need to learn what real issues are.He could have killed someone but it looks like all you rather put Kristen down even though you do not know whats really going on. If it was Rupert maybe he is stalking her anybody ever think of that.

Melan... MelanieJK

It seems too public to be real but she didn't show a lot of discretion the first time so maybe she enjoys public humiliation.      

TheRe... TheRealSomebody

ENOUGH!!!  Kristen left with friends..This was not her car so where do you all think Kristen should have sat.  Quick speculating anything.  Kristen and Rupert is the PAST and  filed in Kristen's life as a BIG spur of the moment mistake.  Leave it there. 

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