Gorgeous 'Game of Thrones' Star May Be in Talks for '50 Shades of Grey' Movie

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emilia clarkeI used to think Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner was the most tight-lipped suit in Hollywood, never letting us behind the velvet rope of what's to come on any episode of the AMC drama. But now I'm convinced the people affiliated with the Fifty Shades of Grey movie are the most frustratingly silent and secretive! I know I'm not alone. Still, fans did get something of a teasing treat this week via producer Dana Brunetti's Twitter.

Brunetti, who is one of only a small handful of folks who are officially signed onto the flick, tweeted that he had actually met with an actress people have been buzzing about as an Anastasia Steele contender from the get-go ...

None other than Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke! Brunetti tweeted:

Khalessi met me at my office a couple of months ago, and guess what? She didn't bring the dragons!!

Okay, so, there was no mention of them meeting to discuss Fifty Shades, and he even responded to the idea about what this meeting could imply:

I tweet about dragons and it gets picked up as a story about 50 Shades... smh.

Oh, shake your head away, Brunetti! You know you're loving that everyone and their sister wants to know just who you're going to green light to play Ana, and maybe you're even loving that people have their fingers crossed it could be Emilia!

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Really, that last tweet could have very well been Brunetti's attempt at a distraction. An attempt to throw us off the scent! Because I truly wouldn't be surprised if he took a meeting with Emilia to discuss Ana. She fits the physical description of the character, is the perfect age, is an amazing, buzz-worthy actress with some hot credits under her belt, and obviously he's a fan of her work. Plus, Stephen Amell already had a meeting about Christian ... So it's definitely not think Emilia Clarke may have had one about Ana. And if she hasn't, she needs one. Geeze, get on it, Brunetti!

How would you feel about Emilia Clarke as Anastasia?


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nonmember avatar Kristi

Yes, because going from a wildly popular well done series to a movie that would have to be a porn to satisfy fans would be a great career move...

nonmember avatar Sud

I would really like to see her as Anna, but I guess she'd need to loose some weight for the role of a never eating, skinny girl. Even though I find her perfect as she is right now

Sandi Glover

she looks a LOT older than 21 or 22.... i have no idea who she is and don't know her age, but that is my 1st thought.  Gorgeous tho

Megan Lee

Oh God... Please no...

nonmember avatar K

She would ruin career. That's the twilight of porn. Poorly written and poorly portrayed. She would ruin her career. I hope she never does this. Only a trashy actress would be willing to waste her career on bad books.

Gretchen Duda

she was my first choice

Stella Roberts

She'd make a good Ana if she would lighten up on the makeup.   Ana was very 'plain' beautiful, if you will, and wore very little makeup. 

Joy Stephenson

i think she would be great

Angelica Torres

shes gorgeous, but she looks older than Ana, also, Ana is paler and skinnier... they should choose someone fresh, still young and more gorgeous-without-all-the-makeup actress. I think...

catar... catarina2112

Alexis Bledel is SOOO much better for Anastasia

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