Robert Pattinson Will Break Up With Kristen Stewart if He Listens to His New Best Friend

robert pattinsonRobert Pattinson was spotted having dinner with Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix a couple of weeks ago, and now news is that RPattz and VVaugh (no?) have become regular old buddies who sit around talking about their relationships. Apparently, Vince is telling Rob that when a woman cheats on you, it's time to end things.

Slow. Cla. P.

Vince is a beacon of honesty in the sea of denial in which RPattz has spent doggy-paddling ever since Kristen Stewart announced to the world that she and Rupert Sanders were getting it on. It's high time Robert acknowledge what actually happened to him.

And here's the thing. I'm sure Rob's been informed before that it's best to stop dating someone who's egregiously cheated on you, but if it takes hearing the words from VVaugh to make a difference, so be it.

Because, hey, if there's anyone to be listened to and respected in this day and age, it's Vince. First of all, he's super tall, which is worth something. Rob can literally and figuratively look up to him. Second of all, he's not all Hollywood. He's removed enough from the scene that he can give real, down to earth advice. He married a lay woman, after all -- he's kind of an expert. Third of all, the painting was a gift, Todd, and he's keeping it.

RPattz could stand to have some solid advice thrown his way and Vince is just the guy to do it. Rule number 76: No excuses, Rob. Play like a champion!

Do you think RPattz should listen to Vince Vaughn's advice?


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robert pattinson


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Rashi Nanda

oye!!!!!!!!!!!!! you had to write this topic now? This is not true. Gossip Cop debunked this.

Soumic Šákul

ne ne e ne ne ne ne !!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar AMW

Vince does not strike me as the type of person who would tell others what to do. He also strikes me as being mature enough to realize what happened to Kristen was not cheating but in fact a case of harassment by a man nearly 20 years older. He is also smart enough to know in most companies if this happened the boss would have been fired. Shame on you for printing this nonsense.

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