'RHOA' Reunion Part 3 Recap: Kenya Moore's Defense Was Pathetic & Predictable

Kenya MooreKenya Moore's annoying fan was no help tonight as she sat in the extremely hot seat on part three of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. Andy Cohen came right out and asked the question that's been on our minds all season -- did she bring Walter Jackson on the show to pretend to be her boyfriend?

Her answer was murky. She said no, "absolutely not," but then she threw in the fact that when she knew she was moving to Atlanta, she started communicating with him more frequently. When Andy asked the ladies if anyone believed Kenya and Walter were in a real relationship, not one hand was raised.

She continued her rant against him, even though he wasn't there to defend himself (he wasn't invited and was NOT happy about it). She once again accused Walter of being gay and said that they'd never slept together.

She did acknowledge that she had lied though.

But the lie was to herself ... that he really did care for her and was really going to marry her. Whatever.

She also called him a liar and has absolutely no use for him now. "He is dead to me," she said. "If his damn toupee caught on fire, I wouldn’t even spit on his ass." She said she's happy now in a relationship but wouldn't reveal who her new guy is. Hope whoever he is knows what he's getting into.

Then the men came out, and they were Team Walter all the way, defending their buddy. Peter was the most outspoken, saying, "We’re pissed off. You can’t blast your mouth off and say stuff about somebody that you say you're in love with that we watch you chase all season because it doesn’t go your way." Exactly. None of them believes their relationship was real ether.

Kenya tried to say she never said anything derogatory about Walter, which was laughable. Andy even called her out for questioning his sexual orientation on national TV. Kenya's defense was pathetic and predictable ... she started twirling and singing her crazy song "Gone With the Wind Fabulous" under her breath. It was too bad to even laugh at.

She and Apollo Nida also got into it over some racy texts and who was trying to hook up with whom. Phaedra revealed that this was why she'd called Kenya a whore and didn't regret it. Even though Kenya showed Andy some texts on her phone, they didn't really tell us much. So we're left to wonder what really went down ... as I suppose Phaedra is too.

Then there was Porsha Stewart who totally unleashed on the ladies, screaming a whole rant about them not being supportive of and not understanding her marriage to Kordell Stewart (who was a no show) and her beautiful life. It felt even sadder watching it knowing that she and Kordell have since split. I physically winced when she said, "My husband loves me to the core." Then she sang, which was just weird, albeit not that bad.

It ended with the ladies agreeing they need a new Housewife for next season and/or that one of them should be replaced. Wonder who NeNe had in mind?

Do you believe Kenya that she didn't bring Walter on to play her boyfriend? Who do you believe about the text messages -- Kenya or Apollo?


Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar Dev

Kenya is disgustingggggg..... I stopped watching the show because of the "girl".. SHES HORRID LOOKING, ANNOYING, and needs to get off TV... NO ONE LIKES HER, we used to have girls night and watch RHOA but we STOPPED because of her

nonmember avatar valley

I believe her

nonmember avatar Debbie

Kenya is crazy, she lied and she trying to lie her way out because she looks delusional. As far as the texting between her and Apollo I believe Kenya was the one pursuing him. I think she was just pursuing him to get back at Phaedra. If I was the other ladies I would never trust her because she is a fake and she do need to be on medication.

nonmember avatar Kiwi

They nid to kick kenya off the show.shes bipolar, thirsty for man like ritenow. How can she sit there n lie about walter sexuality when thats the man whom you were bent on marrying? C'mon gaaaaaallll........weeerk on your squats n leave that man alone, he didnt want u then n he still dont want u now

Liza Garcia

I like Kenya but not phadrea.so welcome back another year Kenya.

nonmember avatar Tanya

Kenya is the one that's crazy! She is a liar! Andy saw the text and they were not sexting! If Kenya evil azz had some information like that on Apollo, she would have but him on blast and would've rubbed it in Phaedra's face! She is dirty and I wouldn't never trust her around my man!

Liza Garcia

Please  the only one is annoying is phaedra.and she's the whore.sleeping with a prisoner and she's his lawyer disgusting.take her off the show. By the way Apollo is ugly.

nonmember avatar CMoney

I'm not calling peter gay, but what he did to Kenya was some real punk stuff. He attacked a womanon television like he was some kind of cheerleader. Wow.

nonmember avatar GA Peach

I follow online stories about Kenya because I am in shock about her behavior. I love to read the comments. But, Kenya follows the articles and comment under different names, isn't that right Lisa Garcia. I like Phaedra and thinks that Kenya is the most awful person. I wish they would get rid of her crazy lying behind. If they signed her I think the viewers should petition or boycott the show.

nonmember avatar Yvette

Kenya has issues. It is very apparent. She is what you call a double talker

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