'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Does Something Shocking on National Television

Jenelle EvansIt has all been quiet on the Teen Mom front, which, of course, should have signaled that we were in for a doozy of a week on this week's Teen Mom 2, and sure enough, we had one. We are just one week from the season (and series) finale of the show and things are heating up.

This week, we got to see a little more of what makes Adam tick. He took Aubrey for the weekend and had a birthday party for her. From what it seemed, his girlfriend Taylor did the large majority of caring for his young toddler, though, which seemed a bit unfair and bizarre to me. Shouldn't Adam want to care for his own kid? Also, I would imagine those scenes were painful for Chelsea to watch. All of a sudden Adam is father of the year?

I think not. Meanwhile, Leah and Corey had to work together with a new doctor for their little girl.

The scenes from next week looked a little disturbing. Maybe we haven't seen the last of her physical problems. That thought makes me very sad. It has seemed like she was getting much better. Of course, all of this will draw Corey much closer to Leah.

We know Leah goes on to have a third daughter, but for now, it looks like she and Corey will bond in the coming weeks over the mutual love of their child.

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As per usual, it was Jenelle whose behavior was the most over the top, the most horrendous. This girl just cannot get herself together no matter what. At this point, I am not even sure she is trying.

The fight with Jenelle's mother Barbara was, as per usual, horrible and ugly. Barbara is right. Jenelle getting evicted and being back with Kieffer means only one thing: Drugs. They openly discussed ON CAMERA the fact that Kieffer went on a drug run for Jenelle. We all know she does drugs, but to be so brazen about it? Jesus. This poor girl is beyond help.

The reality is, if the series is wrapping up (and it seems to be), we may never really know what happens to Jenelle. Unfortunately, her story is common. She can't keep herself straight. She can't keep custody of her kids. Many times, teen motherhood isn't the problem. It's just a symptom of the problem. Teens with ambition who have it together either abstain from sex or know about good protection and use it.

Jenelle may be the worst of all the teen moms, but her story is probably the more common one. She is a heartbreak, but she is also a warning. This is what can happen if you choose drugs and don't take your mental health seriously. Adding Jace into that equation did nothing good.

My takeaway from Jenelle is that any mom who doesn't have her stuff together in the first place is just asking for it once her baby is born. It's sad, sad, sad.

Do you think Jenelle will ever get it together?


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ollie... olliespunkma

Depends on weather she gets seriouse about kicking drugs for good

Ang9403 Ang9403

Maybe years from now she'll wake up. 

MyToe MyToe

I was a little peeved on Chelsea's behalf when I saw that birthday cake--who put's the kid's whole name on that?  And that it wasn't even her REAL full name seemed like they're rubbing it in that Adam is her father...and is it really a good idea to get a 3 year old a motorized bike?

LostS... LostSoul88

Her mom needs to stop allowing her to see her son until she straightens up. One teen mom went to prision, why won't the law throw this one in prision? 

youth... youthfulsoul

I think no. Train wreck through and through.

Cristy Gomez Armendariz

I wish they would just kick Jennelle off the show it's not the other girls fault, I love this series of Teen Mom 2. Jennelle is a junkie that could careless about her son. She needs serious help!!!

nonmember avatar Guest

I dont think Jenelle will ever change. She only cares about one thing, herself. I think part of that is the drugs and the other part is that shes a self centered little brat. It would be better if she was never around Jace..the fighting between Barb and Jenelle is so bad for him. Just a sad situation all around.

Crystal Painter

I think she can its just mind over matter! And whos that going to help by taking a child from seeing its mother gee Its not bad euagh that she is have trouble now you want the same thing to happen to him! With her in his life at least he knows he with his G-ma cause his mom was/is getting in trouble! 

nonmember avatar Tina Andrews

At the rate she's going, she will be lucky if she get's to see 30. Jenelle's mother is a little over the top Jace needs to stay with her. Jenelle is a terrible mother.

Lori Mayabb Walls

Only with age & suffering the consequenses will she straighten up & MAYBE get sober...depends on her heart & her love for herself and that cute boy of hers...Dr. Drew...Jennelle needs you!!

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