Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy's Divorce Court Run-In Was Worse Than Expected


bethenny frankel and jason hoppy
Bethenny and Jason during happier times.
It was inevitable that Jason Hoppy and Bethenney Frankel would eventually square off in divorce court. After all, that is what happens when you can't work things out and decide to officially put your marriage to an end. It was typical, as far as these things go. Lawyers speaking on behalf of their clients, undoubtably asserting who deserves what or who was more in the wrong. But what was surpring to me is what was not actually said.

The former couple did not utter a single word to each other when they arrived, according to People Magazine.  In fact, they barely glanced in each other's direction during their time in court. At one point, their attorneys hashed out details together in the hall while the exes kept far away from each other. The seemed to want nothing to do with one another.

After seeing the judge, Bethenny emerged looking as though she had been crying. The couple then went into a conference room where they finally talked one-on-one for about 40 minutes. This must be a very painful experience for them both. When you think you've found The One, you never dream it's going to end this way.

It's just so sad that this is how things turned out. It's especially weird for fans too since we were along for every moment of their courtship, proposal, wedding, and birth of their baby in Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny's Getting Married, and Bethenny Ever After. Just like most couples who are madly in love, the made promises to each other and we bought into as much as they did at the time. I am sure many fans don't understand how things went so wrong, so fast. I know people get divorced all the time, but that doesn't make anyone's story any less tragic. It's just awful to get to that point where won't even look the other person in the face.

Are you surprised how things have turned out for Bethenny and Jason?

Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar jadeah

Tragic for that beautiful little girl. Lets hope some judge sees this behavior. The real victim is that precious and it is so sad they both cant find a middle ground. Lets hope they do.

JoAnn J Kennedy

As a viewer from the beginning, I always felt a little sad for Jason. Bethany seemed cold, controlling and self absorbed towards him. Everything was her way or else. I was so through with her for the way she treated his family and friends that I knew that would not last. Bethany needs intense therapy for HER issues regarding "family". Now that she is a mother, she cannot inflict those harsh feeling onto her child. That little girl should NEVER see or hear how her Mom treated her Dad and family on national TV.

Melan... MelanieJK

I didn't think the odds were good since they're so different but I was surprised how quickly it disinigrated and how little real effort they made to make it work.    They were both stubborn.    When they did compromise,   they felt it necessary to keep score and remind each other of the score.  

I hate to blame it on her but I would be much more surprised if she ends up in a long term successful relationship than him.  I wouldn't be surprised if he did at all.  

Alice Pirone Kelly

I think Bethany got to big for her bridges and she doesn't know
how to incorporate her husband. She went to far, she will never
find a man that will stand up to her the way he did. He just wasn't
taken her mouth. Its her loss and someone else gain. She will never be happy because she puts herself first. Jason will do well.

Carol... CarolynCal2422

I knew it wouldn't last. Her attitude about family life was selfish. You don't deprive your child from loving grandparents. He is too good for her. She had been my favourite housewife until through the reality show, showed her as a self-centered woman. Some woman will love him and treat him decently. She has major mental health issues
and keeps blaming her mother. Enough Bethenny grow up and count your blessings.

tuffy... tuffymama

I think Bethenny is addicted to attention and drama. Look at her mom and dad; crazy people make damaged, adoration-hungry kids. I am truly sorry for her because I think she lost big when she lost Jason, and that loss is second only to the loss her baby daughter has suffered in losing a happy home with a complete family. So sad.

Being... BeingJaneAusten

No i am not surprise she is such a BIT@#! He deserves better!

Madam... Madammeke

Not surprised at all. She is not really a nice and warm partner. As for him, he needs to grow some balls and use them correctly.

Their child is better off than living in this downright hostile environment. I hope she can build on having a relationship with her grandparents and other family members. An oh so important part of family live.

I never liked her and even stay away from her wines just because I do not promote this behavior.


Not at all. When you put your life on tv you put yourself up for pressures you normally would not have in a marriage. As they say like living under a microscope. No sympathy from me.

SydVixen SydVixen

I knew that this would happen as much as I didn't want it to. No one is perfect it takes two to make a marriage work, so no need to bash Bethanny , Jason knew what he was getting better than we did,

Bethanny never hid her true self she put all her cards on the table for all to see, Jason like most men probably thought he could tame her so that was his mistake he knew she wasn't family orientated, he knew she had a foul mouth & he knew she had deep seated issues which for the life of me I don't understand why she can't let it go.

But I guess they wasn't meant to be

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