'Real Housewives of New York's Biggest Drama Queen May Get Fired


real housewivesI know that the Real Housewives franchise shows women at their absolute worst. Yet, I just can't look away. Part of me still can't believe there are grown women who act like this -- and in front of a camera no less. I guess that is what makes it one of the most addictive shows on TV. So I always get a little nervous when Bravo makes big cast changes like the one they are reportedly planning right now. That's right fans. Bravo may axe one of the biggest drama queens on The Real Housewives of New York.

According to the New York Post, Aviva Drescher is on the chopping block. It's too bad, if true. She may have seemed like a total snore in the beginning, but she was at the center of last season's biggest blow-ups. She feuded with just about every single castmate. And who could forget her sex-addicted dad, who gave us that unexpected tutorial on "shooting orgasms." I have to say, she will be missed.

There is still hope, of course, she will get a contract before shooting begins in three weeks. She's certainly desperate to return. Since her Upper East Side coop refused to let Bravo cameras shoot in the building last year, she actually moved to another building that didn't have those restrictions. She may have gone through all that effort for nothing.

We hear another Housewife has also found herself in trouble with show execs. Apparently producers weren't too happy with Ramona Singer's salary demands. She wanted double but they weren't giving in. She eventually signed a contract, but the damage may have been done. The Post reports that she has been left out of events and promotional appearances. And we thought the ladies in front of the camera were the bitchy ones!

Would you miss Aviva if she got cut from the show?


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Serab... Serabelle

Won't miss Aviva, or her creepy pervy dad. I wouldn't miss Ramona either. But who I wish would get canned is Sonja, "sexy J", toaster oven and all. No one wants to see a 50 something woman's cellulite covered ass, or see them swimming around naked when someone else's husband is there! She has the most over inflated ego and self image of any if the "wives" on any of the shows.

Victoria McGuire

Serebelle, you voiced my comments exactly

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Aviva Who?

eleph... elephantmamaof2

I can't believe the New York series is even still around. Season after season its just such a SNOOZE! Its all about 50something women battling over who knows what (seriously, I couldn't tell you what they actually fight about). I like the rest of the series because they incorporate kids and husbands so much. I swear its like none of the New York women have either. It should be rebranded as "Past Their Prime Socialites".

nonmember avatar Marybeth Thomps

would not miss her, so glad to hear she will be cut!

Carol... CarolynCal2422

I wouldn't miss her but would rather see Ramona & Sonia leave. I'd love it if Lee-Anne was fired. She continues to look down on everyone. She behaves like she is someone special. Very phoney and enjoys playing one against the other.

Carol... CarolynCal2422

I wish Bravo would bring back Alex & Betheny. New York is full of highly successful woman who are happily married. There is lots to choose from. Start looking and get rid of these nobodys.

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