'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Can't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other -- in Public

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Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

They may be waiting until their wedding night to officially seal the deal, but Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's PDA sessions are happening anywhere and everywhere these days.

From smooching like a couple of love struck teenagers at the Lakers game last weekend to getting all cozy at the Sayers Club in L.A. to kissing in the front seat of her car at the airport, as seen in this photo, Sean and Catherine definitely aren't lacking in the lip locking department.

But should we really be all that surprised?

Oh come on, you know Sean has to feel like a rocket ready to launch at any given second, and Catherine must be coming out of her skin over wanting to get physical. It must be pretty tough to be engaged to someone and have to exercise all kinds of restraint to avoid winding up in the sack with them on any given night of the week.

Sean seems pretty committed to the whole born again virgin thing, but it's gotta be driving both him and Catherine absolutely mad. Hell, I even get a little frustrated looking at those two, there's so much sexual tension between them.

And if they aren't "allowed" to get it on behind closed doors, can you really blame them for swapping spit in public? At least with other people around, they can't get too carried away, so engaging in a little PDA is probably a safe route for them to go at this point.

Despite rumors that things are less than perfect between them, chemistry is pretty tough to fake. And based on how often they've been spotted being affectionate lately, it appears as though Catherine and Sean really are happily in love.

And if that's the case, they ought to just go ahead and get it over with already as far as getting busy between the sheets goes. Who knows? It might be the exact stress release that Sean needs to let loose and "go all the way" in the Dancing With the Stars competition. 

(Do it for the sake of the show, Sean. You know you want to.)

Do you think Sean and Catherine will last until marriage before doing the deed?


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Nancy Ardillo

It depends...whens the wedding?

nonmember avatar maggiepie0224

If it's important enough to them then they can wait. Contrary to popular belief there are still plenty of people who wait until their wedding night because they believe that sex is something to save for the one and only. My husband and I waited and we were engaged for a year. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? YES!

Dee Newberry Hull



angel... angelsu88

I am a "baby boomer", which is all I will say, as to my age. What I will say is, in my opinion, it isnt smart to get married, not know whether or not you are sexually compatible. You can have great chemistry, and, find out the kissing was ALOT better, than the sex turned out to be. I know this frrom personal experience. Its fine to wait, if you're not a sexual person-however, is sex important to you,it would be a huge mistake to marry someone not knowing how you will be together in bed

zmont... zmontague

I think they are doing lots of PDA because there have been tabloid articles saying that they have broken up.  I can't wait for their wedding.  

Valerie Middleton

Personally I am with Dee Newberry Hull on this and I would love to believe that they will persevere through their contract commitments and continue to grow together in friendship and love...sex is only a portion of a good marriage, I believe friendship comes first for longevity

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