'Teen Mom' Star Finds Out Twitter Isn't Private -- Oops!

Brittany DeJesus Briana DeJesusTeen Mom 3 hasn't even gotten its air date, and already one of its stars has learned the drawback to being famous. Brittany DeJesus just learned the definition of "private" for reality stars. Twitter? Is definitely not private!

DeJesus is sister to Briana DeJesus, one of the four moms set to be chronicled in the second spin-off from the original Teen Mom. She played a critical role in her sister's 16 & Pregnant episode because she too got pregnant as a teenager. Unlike her sister, however, Britt chose an abortion, and the dichotomy between the two girls' paths has been celebrated as an important lesson that can come from featuring them both on Teen Mom 3.

Unfortunately for Brittany, that means anything she chooses to share with the public is REALLY public. She found that out this week when she stumbled across an online article about her (and Briana's) absent father, an article she said wasn't bad but was clearly written because of something she said on Twitter.

Warning, foul language ahead:

Signing up for the show seemed like a good idea but damn bitches y'all don't need to fucking write articles about why my father isn't around

times I feel like the line is crossed, and this was one of the times. Smh... People need to mind their business

Does she have a point about the invasive nature of the tabloids? Perhaps. 

But the fact is, Brittany made her absent dad the world's business when she took to Twitter to rant about him. Unless your account is locked, comments on the social media site can be viewed by anyone, anywhere. It's a lesson all teenagers (heck, all Twitter users) really need to learn, but it's one reality stars need to take to heart. Brittany's list of followers is growing steadily in no small part because she signed on to be part of a reality show. People are reading what she's saying, a LOT of people.

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Hasn't she seen what happens to Jenelle Evans? The girl has turned oversharing on Twitter into an art form!

Maybe it's good that Brittany got a taste of the sour side of fame now.

If she doesn't want to turn out like Jenelle, she had best reshape her whole social media strategy. Because it's only going to get worse -- from her perspective anyway. Teen Mom 3 apparently will be aired -- despite rumors at one point that it would be canned along with Teen Mom 2.

What do you think of Brittany's complaints? Is this something she needs to get used to?


Image via MTV

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Aspyn Makena

Found the story they were talking about. I thought it was interesting, not mean or bad or anything. Hey, if you don't want your business out there, simply don't put it out there!

Jennifer Rose Hayes

i think their are limits what if something like that got around the world and it happened to you. People should at least notify who it's about.

Fondue Fondue

So, this twit gets an abortion after the first time she gets pregnant, but then apparently no one tells her what causes pregnancy and she gets knocked up again?  smh...

nonmember avatar jesasmommy

She didn't get pregnant again...her sister got pregnant...

nonmember avatar @fondue

Uh no..she didn't get an abortion, her sister Briana got the abortion but either way I think abortion is wrong so I dis not agree with her sister at all. If I'm not mistaking, Briana said she got it so she would be able to "party and be a teen" than started crying cause she was jealous that her sister had a baby. Smdh

nonmember avatar Liyah

Brittany was the one that had an abortion you idiot briana was the one that kept her baby

nonmember avatar Shay

Briana is the one that decided to keep her baby. Brittany is the one that had an abortion. Brittany is not pregnant again, but she is Briana's older sister so she will be on Teen Mom 3, as well.

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