'American Pie' Actor Calls in SWAT Team After Nightmare One Night Stand (VIDEO)


Eddie Kaye ThomasDo you suppose that male actors who are somewhat famous for exactly one role tend to bank on that notoriety when they're hitting on girls? Like if you're Eddie Kaye Thomas, do you use "Hey, I was Paul 'Shit Break' Finch in American Pie" as your big pickup line? Well, if he did so before bringing home his date this Tuesday night, I'm guessing he's rethinking that strategy right about now. Being as how a freaking SWAT team had to remove her from his home on Wednesday.

Yes. For real. Eddie Kaye Thomas has landed in the news for what has to be the worst Hollywood one-night stand of all time. Once known for being the guy who got it on with Stifler's mom, he'll now be known as the guy who had to call 911 when his late-night hookup morphed into a knife-wielding psycho.

According to reports, on Tuesday evening, Thomas took home a woman he met at Mel’s Diner in L.A. They presumably spent a pleasant enough night together (*waggles eyebrows lecherously*), but things went terribly bad the next morning when Thomas asked her to take off. Maybe he should have made her breakfast first? Or called a cab? Or, you know, maybe he should have spent more than a few hours getting to know her before shacking up? At any rate, she ended up refusing to leave -- and she pulled a knife on him.

Thomas called 911, who dispatched an actual SWAT team to his Hollywood Hills residence. You're thinking that sounds like overkill, right? Tax dollars being wasted on a lovers' squabble? Well, apparently this woman was so pissed, an hours-long standoff ensued. Like, this woman was barricaded in his house for HOURS as the cops tried to get her to surrender, and before she was finally evicted -- with flash bang grenades and TEAR GAS -- she ended up destroying a bunch of Thomas's stuff.

The woman was evaluated at a nearby hospital, then booked on a felony vandalism and weapon charges.

Here's a news clip of the incident, including a look at Thomas's date from hell:

Well, I imagine that Eddie Kaye Thomas won't be bringing home any total strangers for a while. Or at the very least, maybe he'll work on his pillow talk for the next morning? Either way, I'm glad the incident was resolved without anyone getting hurt, and I hope this woman gets treatment for what I can only assume are some MAJOR anger management issues.

Is this the worst hookup you've ever heard of, or what?

Image via attit/Flickr

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LostS... LostSoul88

This is why you dont have one night stands with strangers You dont know if they are really crazy ass people. 

julie... julie21210

Shit BRICK... Not shit break

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