Jenelle Evans’ Response to ‘Buckwild’ Sex Tape Scandal Made Us Fall Out of Our Chairs

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jenelle evans twitterIt's rare that we ever see Teen Mom Jenelle Evans excercising some self-control on Twitter and saying less than she needs to. Remember the Twitter feud she got into with the cast of Buckwild? I'm thinking Shae Bradley in particular. Jenelle could have let Shae's vague tweet about "MTV shows about horrible parents" fly on by without comment. But she took the bait and shot back and just looked defensive and petty.

Maybe she learned her lesson? Now Shae is caught in a sex tape scandal -- which she denies. Naturally, Starcasm reached out to Jenelle for a comment via Twitter. Here's how Jenelle responded to the Buckwild sex video scandal (drumroll, please):

jenelle evans twitter

Wow, she just laughed! That's almost classy -- for Jenelle. Is this the same gal who eats Drama Flakes for breakfast every morning? She could've said "karma's a bitch" or any number of other insults. We know she's not afraid of conflict, and she's not shy about sharing how she feels. Maybe she learned something from that last exchange with Shae. 

Jenelle is still revealing how she feels about the sex tape scandal. That laugh says a lot. But there's plenty left unsaid there, too. And what kind of a response can a person have to laughter? That pretty much ends it right there. Everyone just walks away -- for now.

Now let's see if Jenelle can keep it up. Come to think of it, how do I know Jenelle doesn't exercise self-restraint all the time? For every attack-tweet she sends, she could be deciding not to send five more.

Do you think Jenelle's response shows self-restraint, or is she still being provocative?


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nonmember avatar LOL

I think Jenelle has forgotten who has her naked pictures all over the internet hahaha!

nonmember avatar Odafin

It is funny that Jenelle laughed about Shea's sex tape. Everyone made a big deal out of nudes of Jenelle being online, now they are getting it in return. Of course, the females involved in the sex tapes are going to DENY them. Imagine what people would think if the girls actually admitted to doing them. These tapes are probably going to be as crappy as the Pam & Tommy Lee tape...NOT WORTH ALL THE MEDIA COVERAGE THEY ARE GETTING!

Lucy Delfi


Sarah A King

how stupid and petty is right ..come on girls get a life and Janelle how about taking all the energy you put into bashing other people and waisting time you will never get back , and put atleast some of that into getting your son back or even trying to give a fuck about him , most selfish person i have ever seen on tv ..i know your mom is crazy and the apple didnt fall far from the tree but unlike most people i can see that if you really tried and actually gave it the right kind of effort (like you put into ongoing relationships with really bad guys) into getting your son back and being a good mom , you have the potential you just keep pushing the right decisions to the side and make really bad one's in stead maybe for once try to do something you can be proud of ....un like these stupid battles between other reality stars ...come on now you have a son ..try thinking of that everytime you want to open your mouth

Jennifer Rose Hayes

I think the people who post these tings needs a life of their own.

Athena Cotto

I feel that everyone has a opinion and should not be judge because of that. To be honest I think Janelle is trying her best as a young mom and so is her mother Barbara. Janelle like don't let nobody get to you know that you are doing your best. God Bless

Missy Voss

Athena, how is doing drugs, not having a job, being evicted from numerous apartments for not paying rent and destroying property, landing in prison numerous times, skipping out on court for a Kesha concert, blowing money in implants and drugs rather than saving for your son, marrying someone to avoid testifying against them, having an affair, stealing, abandoning your son outside of your dealer's house, faking a pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage, dropping out of school numerous times, filing false charges against a multitude of people "trying her best?"  Trying her best would be not doing drugs, going back to school, getting a real job, staying out of internet drama, staying out of prison, not dating loser guys, etc.  She's disgusting and she will continue being a loser until people like you stop supporting her reckless, irresponsible, trashy, child-endangering behavior.

deszi... deszirr24

Why spend so much time studyong jenelles every move? Okay she laughed? Wow. She could have do.e worse... for people who dont like her, yall sure do give her lots of fame

Nicole Lee Sudia

She's nothing but a cunt!!  Who gives a shit about her opinions!

Alyssa Wheeler

I have to agree with missy v... honestly jenelle has shown time and time again she is an out of control person.... I am a single teen mom who has full custody of my daughter and i didnt get her by doing anything you call jenelles "best". she needs to stop making excuses and start taking control of her life instead of letting men and drugs control her. I will not surprised when jenelle does not ever get custody of her son!

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