Gretchen Rossi & Slade Smiley's Unusual Engagement Says a Lot About Their Relationship

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Gretchen Rossi and Slade SmileyBig news out of the O.C. -- Real Housewives of Orange County stars Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley are engaged! Yes, after all the hemming and hawing over the past four years, she's finally ready to settle down with Slade.

The question was popped on April 14, and it happened in the absolutely most fitting way for this couple -- Gretchen did the popping! According to In Touch, Slade was shocked, but, of course, he said yes. 

A source told the magazine it happened atop the AT&T building in Los Angeles. “She had him flown up there via helicopter for the dramatic proposal." And lucky us, the source says cameras were there to capture it all, so we'll likely get to see the big moment.

It's so perfect that Gretchen did the asking. She's always worn the proverbial pants in that relationship, and she's had such cold feet about the whole thing for so long because of Slade's financial problems. If he had asked (again, sort of), it would have felt like she was just caving or finally giving in because she wants a baby I think. To have her take the initiative and ask him makes it feel like she really knows what she wants now and is and sure about him and their future together.

I have to say I'm actually feeling pretty happy for them. For years I willed her to run away from him and his slimy ways. But they've come a long way. He actually has a real job as a radio host now, she's no longer calling him "Tubba Wubba", and you can see that they have a lot of fun together.

So congratulations to the happy couple. Now the question is who will walk down the aisle first -- Gretchen or Tamra Barney? And will they wear matching wedding gowns?

Are you glad to see Gretchen and Slade get engaged?


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nonmember avatar cynthia

what about the ring??? Did she buy her own or did Slade give her that fake one??

nonmember avatar Nancy

They're well suited

JaneD... JaneDoh57

Cynthia: bravo bought the ring, its part of the show and scripted

Maryann Sauseda

She could do so much better...he is such a sleeze...makes my skin crawl just looking at him. Guess it's true what they say about love being blind!!

nonmember avatar Crystal

I Don't like her or him gold digger with broke with dirt bag if he can't afford his other kids or take care of them she's a dummy to have a kid by him

Suzanne Benn

Okay, so it's all scripted....and Bravo bought the ring....and SHE did the asking....and he just got a DJ job....and he can't afford the kid he has now.... and She wants a baby..? OH HELL YEA I see this working out real well !!!!! Can anyone say .... desperation  ??????

nonmember avatar Aaron

Ha,...really? This is a train derailment waiting to happen. She's a non educated whore pretending to be a gold digger....who somehow has blown the producers of the show to stay on the show...and he is a really bad dead beat dad who cares more about being on tv than his on kids. Slade is an embarrassment to men...and the biggest pussy whiners I have ever seen. He was the reason The show went into the tank.....both scumbag people.....fake, fake, fake

nonmember avatar cb

They are both vile and deserve each other.. if you look closely she starting to look like a man... I think she's a really ugly woman.. inside and out.. along with the idiot fiance

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