Rachael Ray Show Sued by Overweight Teen for Most Unbelievable Reason

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Rachael RayWhen I first heard that Rachael Ray was being sued by an overweight teen who had been on her shows a few years back, I wandered what horribly insensitive thing the "sammy" queen had said or done to this poor girl. Then I read the reason for the lawsuit, and I was dumbfounded.

According to TMZ, Christina Pagliarolo went on The Rachael Ray Show two years ago when she was 18 to participate in a segment on overweight teens. She weighed 260 pounds at the time, and wanted to lose 70 pounds before her senior prom. As part of the deal, Ray set her up with a trainer to help her lose the weight.

You'll never believe what that trainer then made her do.

The trainer reportedly made her run, hike in the mountains, and screamed at her "in a manner that caused Plaintiff to feel anxious, demeaned and threatened."

The horror! Having to work out to lose weight! Who would have ever imagined?

She does go on to say that while on the StairMaster the trainer kept turning up the intensity. At one point she fell off, and then the trainer yelled at her for falling. She also says she suffered some injuries. Her lawsuit specifies "negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress."

I'm sorry, but please. Emotional distress because a fitness trainer was hard on her? Has she not seen Biggest Loser? That's what they do. No one forced her to go on national TV, and did it really take her two whole years to get upset about the whole thing?

Maybe there's more to it than is being initially reported, but from what we know now it sounds about as ridiculous as the infamous case in which someone tried to sue because their coffee was too hot.

The show claims it hasn't received a lawsuit yet, but told the Huffington Post that if and when they get it they will "defend ourselves against it vigorously and fully expect to prevail."

I certainly hope they do.

Do you think this lawsuit sounds ridiculous?


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Momme... MommeeTo4

Completely. She is claiming negligence?

Does she not know of assumption of risk? She really doesn't have a case.

sofia... sofia0587

Wow guess she wants money so she can stuff her face again and get even fatter and than try and sue McDonald's because she gained more weight!

lancet98 lancet98

As always, 'it depends'.   It would require a lot more detail to determine if the trainer really was negligent.   But if the trainer were negligent, she should sue the trainer.   Actually, one does have to be careful with overweight people.   There is a limit as to how hard trainers push people, for medical reasons.   Keep taking heart rate, etc.

Elizabeth Chilton

"... the infamous case in which someone tried to sue because their coffee was too hot."

It wasn't just "too hot." The coffee was much, much hotter than McDonald's own standards called for -- expert witnesses testified that it was "unreasonably dangerous" -- and caused third-degree burns to the woman's thighs and genital area. She was in the hospital for eight days for skin grafting and needed two years of follow-up care. Her medical bills alone were $10,500. She offered to settle with McDonald's for $20K, but they refused and so she took it to trial. Google Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants (N.M. 1994) for the full story; the truth is a lot more interesting than "oooh, stupid woman files stupid lawsuit."

gogoh... gogohas2babies

I saw this girl on a couple of shows and I'm sorry to say this but she never looked like she was losing any weight. All I can say is what an ungrateful b....h! What cry baby


Serab... Serabelle

When the show aired this girl thanked the trainer and Rachel, now 2 years later she has complaints? Sorry, smells fishy to me! Sounds like someone who was given an awesome opportunity to work with a trainer for FREE and then when she didn't like his methods, she wants to call fowl? No one forced her to work with the trainer, she could have walked away at any time if she truely has an issue with his methods. She just wants money. Another frivolous lawsuit from someone refusing to take accountability for their actions or role in the episode. Way to waste tax payer money. I think people who file frivolous lawsuits should have to pay fees.

nonmember avatar Jay

If she wants to call fowl she should try KFC...

knitt... knittykitty99

Wow, sounds like you guys have it all figured out without even seeing the lawsuit.  I'm certain television producers would never take advantage of anyone for ratings.  Silly legal system - who needs it!

carole76 carole76

What a stupid law suit.  Just shows you can't help certain people.  Rachel Ray was trying to help her!  

Melan... MelanieJK

The lady didn't try to sue over the hot coffee,   she did and she won so the fact that it sounds ridiculous doesn't mean it won't work.    

We need more info,   like what kind of contract was involved.    If she could just walk away without any cost/penalty I wouldn't think she'd have a case.    But if she can make the case that she had to put up with it and that it was abusive who knows what a jury would do?      The time gap does seem problematic.     You never know if some  lawyer is just calculating that they'll settle rather than go through a court battle or they really think there's a case.

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