Sizzling ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer Gets the Estrogen Flowing (VIDEO)

Man of steel trailerPretty sure we can all agree that the last Superman movie, back in 2006, starring Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth, was borderline terrible. Now that Man of Steel is coming out June 14, it could be just what the franchise needs to get folks excited about the iconic superhero yet again (Batman & Robin vs. Batman Begins, anyone?). A new trailer has recently been released that's been giving fans even more hope that this is going to be the movie to check out this summer.

The film stars super-mchottie Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, and Kevin Costner. In the trailer, at a little over three(!) minutes, you'll see tender moments with both of Superman's dads, an interrogation scene with Amy Adams where we find out an interesting tidbit about Superman's uniform, Superman fighting General Zod (Michael Shannon), and, most importantly, Henry Cavill shirtless.

Thank you, Hollywood-powers-that-be. Thank you.


Before we get to the real fun, here is the trailer!

Seriously, it's kind of hard to really pay attention to the trailer when Henry Cavill's hotness and buffness and manliness profusely radiate throughout this entire three minutes of bliss. Yeah his backstory is intriguing and all and, ohhh, the "S" isn't really an "S", blah blah blah, let's just cut the bull shit and get into what every straight woman/gay man really wants to see.

I'm going to give you the six best reasons to go to this movie ... you're welcome.

Henry Cavill Man of Steel

Holy crap. Look at those biceps. And those pecs. And check out that amaaaaaazing Lost/sad Jack Shephard beard.

Henry Cavill man of steel

He even loves dogs. Come on, universe. It's really not fair.

Henry Cavill Man of Steel

Yeah, I wouldn't be able to drive by this. Safety be damned. Sorry dad.

Henry cavill man of steel

Jawline, hello.

Henry cavill man of steel

OMFG. My ovaries.

Henry Cavill Man of Steel

There's a smile. Is this Adonis for real? I have no words.

Jeez, here's my $25 to see this in IMAX, 3D, 4D, whatever, please, take it. Can't wait until this comes out so I can gawk and drool and fawn over Henry Cavill for a solid two hours and I'm not ashamed to say it.

That was really fun. Back to the real world now. Sigh.

Are you going to see Man of Steel? What did you think of the trailer?


Images via WarnerBrosPictures/YouTube

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