'DWTS' Results Recap: Andy Dick Saved Himself in Totally Unique Way

DL HughleyThe early weeks of any Dancing With the Stars season are pretty much just about picking off the riffraff. The reality is, on a show like this, it's going to be obvious who the front runners are pretty quickly.

On season 16, we have Zendaya (who scored the first 10s of the season with her tango). We have Kellie Pickler and Jacoby Jones, both of whom are also just stellar dancers. Jacoby can move like a pro. Seriously, did you see his legs Monday night? Holy wow! Just behind them there is Aly Raisman (who danced Monday night for the Boston Marathon victims) and maybe a couple others.

Still, there is still some obvious low-hanging fruit. Tonight, one of them went home.

Sorry D.L. Hughley. You may be talented in other ways, but dancing isn't one of them.

He kind of took it well, too. Sometimes when the people cry and carry on, it kind of makes you feel bad. In this case, I think even he was surprised he was still standing after last week.

It was time to get off the dance floor so the real players can inch their way up the leaderboard. I predict the next will be Andy Dick. He is staying in with showmanship right now, but there are only so many times a person can zip line into the ballroom to make an impression.

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Sean Lowe has also got to go. Soon, I hope. These early weeks, it's usually easy to say who will be leaving. If you can't pick the exact person, you can usually guess with some degree of certainty which pack of people are most in jeopardy.

Personally, I like it when all the players are good and the competition heats up. Seeing only good dancers on the floor makes the show so much better. So sorry, D.L., but I am happy with the direction we are going this season.

Keep it coming!

Did you think D.L. would leave?


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Paula Sue Miller-Niles

yea...Mr (Pickler) Dick needs to go....to group himself with Kelli and she touched him...yuck!!!

Gayle S Stever

I think Andy Dick is a fun and entertaining contestant and some of his dances have been quite good. I don't think he's the next to go...Victor is. We watch the show to be entertained and Andy entertains. Not sure why someone said "yuck" about him? Sorry I don't think he's win or even be a finalist, but he got all my votes this week! Thanks!

nonmember avatar JenniferK

I was sure that it would be Victor or Andy that would be going home because D.L.’s fan base seemed to be pretty strong after they kept him out of the bottom 3 a couple times. I was talking to a coworker during my shift at DISH who thinks that Sean will be going home soon, but the judges have been praising him lately. I missed the show because I was watching Hell’s Kitchen with my son, but I was able to catch up with a recording afterword. I love how my DISH Hopper can record up to six shows at once during primetime, so I never have to choose between family time and my favorite shows.

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