'Don't Be Tardy' Premiere Recap: Kim Zolciak Faces Mom & Mold Problems

Kim ZolciakYou would think that once she left The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the drama would have decreased in Kim Zolciak's life. Not so, however, as we saw tonight on the premiere of her spin-off Don't Be Tardy.

For starters, she and her husband Kroy Biermann, their two adorable baby sons, and two daughters are all living back in her townhouse after her dream house turned into a nightmare. So they set out to take over construction on a new dream house (recurring dream house?), only it's now covered in mold -- the bad kind of black mold. So between that and the building process, they're stuck in cramped quarters for the next nine months ... at least.

Plenty of people live in much smaller spaces, but with all of their crap, and staff, and Kim's big personality, it felt claustrophobic just watching them. That's the least of their problems though.

Kim's mom seems to be hell-bent on bringing Kim down. They haven't spoken since Kim kicked her out of the wedding. Then all of a sudden Kim got a call from her publicist that her mom is shopping around a tell-all book about her and her kids and saying that Kim used to be a stripper.

Now, if Kim was a stripper, we would have found out about it long ago. She and NeNe Leakes would have bonded over their past profession and compared moves. So that seems totally false, but even if it were true, how unbelievable that her own mother would stoop so low as to reveal that.

Kim says she believes it's because her mom is looking for a little fame and money. If true, it's really pathetic, especially when it came to her trying to get court-ordered visitation with Kim's girls. Not either of her grandsons -- one of whom she's never even met -- just her granddaughters. How cold is that? It will be interesting to see how it all plays out and if there's any chance of them reconciling.

I have to say that since Kim's abrupt departure from RHOA, I'd kind of forgotten how much I like her and her straight-talkin', wig-wearin' ways. I'm glad she's back, and I think this season of Don't Be Tardy is off to a pretty compelling start.

Do you think Kim and her mom will ever be able to reconcile after all of this?


Image via Bravo

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Serab... Serabelle

Her mom is so trashy. Who does that to their kid? Even the way she acted the whole first season of the show, trying to.make Kim and Kroy's wedding about het?! Not cool. And if the mom doesn't want you to have contact with her kids, and the dad (stepdad) is on board, you don't have the right to sue for visitation! Those girls are old enough that if they wanted to see their grandparents, they could, without Kim needing to be involved! Ugh, "parents" like that make me sick!

Bev Waverka Altenhain

I am watching Kim's show now and I love it and I love her family....I wish her alot of luck with this show, I hope it makes it....I look forward to it...

Dee Knowlton

Karma stink's doesn't it Kim?

Norma J Brill

   get on and get over it.


Renee Hicks

hell...to the No~the bitch kicked her own Mother out of her wedding how could is that you aloud a man to come in be twine you and your parents who was there four till he came a long and yes Mom No,s best of any one No,s the Truth that a be your Mother why should she lie on her own child Kim has really pushed some buttons that a last her hole life time whit her and her parents and four her to say her Mother has all way,s been MONEY hungry Ha the pot call,n the kettle Black it OK four her to want four the trash Kim is,s and that RED neck Man...of her,s in his Family country back ass he is,s how could any one Like they,r ass,s four the disrespect they have brought on her own Family was her dad....stand,n out in the hot sun sale,n her...thing,s four her make,n share all went well four her not them...it,s all about Kim four she think,s her stank ass is above every one else she flap her gums to damn much all way,s cut,n cross to have her point be mead four a all way,s want a be right on all side,s lazy as hell...O..that,s right she her mouth and on her back work,s very well...Ha ding bat~!

nonmember avatar Debbie

Not to be rude but in response to Renee hick's comment.. How are you going to bash kroy and his "redneck family"? Kim and kroy both attended

College and your whole post was pretty much eligible so before you bash someone else make sure to look at yourself and your language skills.

Gavin... GavinGrandma

I agree with Debbie, Renee needs to go take an English class before posting any comments!! I couldn't follow what she said, but nor do I care about her comments!! Kim and Kroy are a blended family going through the ups and downs of that type of life. Kim's Mother is so jealous of her daughter and her life style. The woman needs to deal with her obvious anorexia, as she is killing off her brain cells affecting her judgement and actions!!

Belinda Bee Sauer-Jones

@ Renee Hicks...... learn to speak and spell the English language before you post condemning statements.  Really?  You can not be taken seriously until you do so.

nonmember avatar Michelle

To DEBBIE ...you were responding to Renee's post. The word is illegible not "Eligible". So I think you need to critique your own posts before critiquing someone else......just saying....

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

OMG Really Renee?!?!! I cant comprehend a fuckin thing you said and here you are trying to make someone else look an ass -_- Anyway I really like Kim and Kroy is sooo good for her- er mom on the other hand is a fucking TROLL

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