‘90210’ Star Becomes a Stripper at 49 Years Old -- Guess Which One? (PHOTOS)

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90210Long before there was Edward and Jacob, Brandon, Dylan, David, and Steve were the hottest young hunks around. Along with Brenda, Donna, Kelly, and Andrea, they ruled the halls of West Beverly High and the hearts of millions of tween and teen girls in the '90s. Now, some 20 years later, one of them wants to reclaim his spot atop the heartthrob throne -- by becoming a stripper. That's right. A Beverly Hills, 90210 alum is becoming a stripper. Dying to know who? Drumroll please ...

It's Steve, aka Ian Ziering. Starting June 6, the actor, now 49, will be shaking his money maker at Chippendales in Las Vegas. My first thought was, I'd rather see boy next door Brandon in the buff. Or even that James Dean-esque bad boy Dylan. Hell, awkward David was even sexier than Steve during the show's heyday. But then I Googled to see what Ian had been up to and -- more importantly -- what he looked like now that he's approaching 50. I was more than pleasantly surprised by how this guy has aged. He actually looks better than he did in the '90s. Ian Ziering

We are always gushing over the actresses that look amazing for their age, but Ian deserves just as much praise. The guy is seriously hot. It's like he pulled a Benjamin Button or something. He is way more cute and cut than he was back in the day. In fact, of all the guys from the original series, I'd say he's age the best.

He will be headlining the famous strip show for just four weeks, so diehard fans take note. And I have no doubt Ian has some smooth moves. You may recall he was pretty impressive on season 4 of Dancing With the Stars. He even calls his new stripper gig, "a dream come true." I don't know ladies? Might be worth a girls trip to Vegas.

Would you go see Ian Ziering in a strip show?


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nonmember avatar Eva

I'd go and see him! He does look better than back in the day--better hair, too!!

Rebecca Mayhew

He looks better cause he aready looked 49 back in the day, and now it makes sense!

ninag... ninag1980

I guess he stopped eating at the Peach Pit!

120177 120177


tuffy... tuffymama

I don't watch anyone but DH get naked. Wasn't his name spelled "Ion" back in the day? I know that's how he pronounces it.

Gina Lynn Bardach

Wow! I want to go! Love Ian!!! and what is the author talking about him not being the cute one! Ian (steve) was always a major cutie with a great bod!!!

Latanya Ivey

Yep. He's much better looking now than he was then. He's actually pretty hot.

Jamie... Jamie1972

I always thought Steve was cute. While all my friends were gushing over Dylan and Brandon, I was the odd ball. HAd to like the screw up of the group.


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