Justin Bieber's 'Anne Frank Scandal' Could Be More Damaging Than You Think (VIDEO)

By now, I'm sure you've heard the latest. Justin Bieber is getting hated on for his disrespectful note he left in the Anne Frank museum guest book. I mean, what's up with this kid lately? He's constantly making media headlines for all the wrong reasons. Let's analyze this:

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Justin Bieber Visits Anne Frank House & Leaves Outrageous Note in Guest Book

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Are you tired of Justin Bieber's crazy behavior these days?

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curlz333 curlz333

talk about disrespectful, like what happened to her was some joke, someone smack him in thw head, smh tjis boy needs to grow up and get over himself....

LostS... LostSoul88

he is damaging himself so who cares, maybe that annoying twat would be out of headlines before we know it. 

nonmember avatar CranApple

He's as dumb as a bag of poorly made hammers.

Chandra Haverstock

well, he was in the land of legal pot and prositution. At least he tried to learn something about history instead of just getting high. I think you have to be an adultto really wrap your mind around the scale of what really happened. 

nonmember avatar Herman Gremanso

I was a code breaker in WWII. Just figured this one out: Justin Bieber = Tool.

nonmember avatar Anne

First of all if you were any kind of writer you would have reported the full story and not just a half assed version. While visiting the Anne Frank Museum one of the Anne Frank Guides made the following comment, "Anne Frank was a fan of pop culture and if she were alive today she probably would have been a fan", which is why Justin wrote his comment. So what if the kid wrote what he did, you guys have nothing better to do than harp on a 19 year old kid. There was a bombing that happened in Boston why don't you use your writing skills to voice your anger about an 8 year old boy dying and another 10 year old girl losing her leg. Instead you write about a 19 year old kid being 19 years old. Get a life and write about things that could actually help society.

LadyM... LadyMinni

You don't have to be an adult to understand what happened in the Holocaust. I understood when I was a child, as did my sisters. My brother understands. My friends understood as children, their children understand. The alarming thing is that after all of this the tweets have come from his fans, asking who Anne Frank is and why he didn't come to their houses instead. It's nauseating.

nonmember avatar Julie

Anne, maybe you're the one that needs to get a life. The whole story is reported in the video.

nonmember avatar CranApple

Why do some people insist that nineteen years old is the same as nine years old? Are children these days really this badly raised and uneducated? When I was nineteen I was a mature young woman living on her own. And I knew who Anne Frank was.

cecil... cecilyshortcake

Whoever posted the comment saying that you have to be an adult to understand the scale of what really happened in the Holocaust needs to stop talking. I had to read Anne Franks diary in the fourth grade and I completely understood the impact of what had happened. Justin is trying too hard to be funny and needs to just fall off the face of the earth. Just because you have money doesn't make it okay to be a complete idiot. Idc who you are. 

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