Ian Somerhalder’s Super Sexy Audition Will Convince You He Should Be Christian Grey (VIDEO)

ian somerhalderEver been sucked into an Internet rabbit hole of audition tapes? It's a great way to kill 36 hours and possibly lose your job, but hey, it's worth it. Take this video of Ian Somerhalder for example. Here he is auditioning for Lost back in 2005 or 2006, reading for Boone, and man, it's obvious from his first few words that the guy's got talent. Eyebrows, and talent. Can't help but wonder if he's done a tape like this yet for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie ... and if he has, we're going to need to see his reading of Christian ASAP, if not sooner.

Watch Ian nail the audition for Lost. Sexy, steamy, authoritative, and chews like a man. What more do the Fifty Shades casting directors want?

Do you think Ian will make a great Christian Grey?


Photo via freakpoussin/YouTube

fifty shades of grey, ian somerhalder


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nonmember avatar aashy

YES ALREADY!!!what's taking so long to cast him,hollywood is wasting time&his precious beautiful looks..look at him..just,impossibly perfect..his face,eyebrows,mouth,smile is screaming sex.how can someone chew that sexily is beyond anyone's understanding..would never watch 50shades of grey if Ian's not in it

Clara Tezolin

christian grey!!!!!!!!!

Pat Hunter

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Britney Drzewicki Rodriguez

i definitely agree with aashy COMPLETELY! they need to hurry up and cast him. Mathew Bomer or who ever that guy aint got nothin on Ian! :)

Blanca Arambula

100% Christian Grey hands down!!!


Melissa Weaver Lenhardt

They really need to quit playing around with us and cast him. I may die if they don't!

nonmember avatar Donna

D E F I N I T E L Y. need i say more

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