Kim Kardashian Doesn't Deserve Grief for 'Insensitive' Remarks During Boston Marathon Bombings

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kim kardashian kris jennerI'm sure by now Kim Kardashian is accustomed to getting criticized for her fashion, body, relationships, etc., but it's not every day she's slammed for her reaction to a national tragedy. But in the wake of yesterday's Boston Marathon twin bombing, Kim found herself up against a serious backlash when she posted self-promoting tweets with seriously bad timing.

During the brouhaha surrounding the explosions, Kim sent a tweet that read, "Check out @krisjenner on @QVC's PM Style Show at 7PM EST tonight!" Eek. NOT a good look. And she knew it, too, because it's gone now.

Ugh, and if that wasn't bad enough, then Kris Jenner made the same mistake, tweeting, “Dolls! Don’t miss me tonight at 8pm ET on @QVC! I’m debuting my gorg new scoopneck tunic on PM Style!! Join me!” That got deleted, but then, she sent another: ”So excited to be on @QVC for PM Style tonight! Take a peek at this new animal print dress from my Kollection!" Oh man.

Clearly, this was an unfortunate case of scheduled, promotional tweets. Sure, there were critics who tweeted back, "This isn't the time for self-promotion. Please unschedule your tweets." Of course that would have been ideal, but it does seem like they were trying to do that. And I'm sure when it comes to something like a promotional tweet, it's a business matter. Something that was set up beforehand that was expected to play out and special permission from various sources may have been required to change course.

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What's more, it's definitely not like either Kim or Kris was totally clueless or failed to acknowledge what was going on in Boston. Even before Kim sent the tweet about QVC, she wrote, "My heart is breaking for everyone effected or injured in the explosion at the Boston Marathon. God bless you all! My prayers are with you!” And Kris posted, “My heart and thoughts and prayers go out to all those at the Boston Marathon."

Ultimately, both women were just doing their job, like many other people were and had to continue to do even in the wake of the tragedy. It may seem wrong to keep plugging away with everyday routine during a devastating act of terrorism. But it may also be proving that we can't and won't be terrorized. Yes, even if your name is Kim Kardashian, and part of your job is promoting your mom's animal print dresses on QVC.

How do you feel about Kim and Kris' Twitter slip-ups?


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BiBi Frederick Waltslady

-_- you're right its not everyday she gets slammed for her reaction to a national tragedy- Its only when national trgaedy happens that she gets slammed for her reaction to it- the girl is a walking BRICK!!! Are you serious?? Its always oooh poor me poor me, but when shit like this happens, where is her sympathy??? ugh seriously her "fans" are just as bubble headed as she

nonmember avatar Lexi jordan

I am by no means a Kardashian fan BUT I agree with the author. Are celebs only suppose to tweet about current tragedies?? If they couldn't tweet every time something bad happened no one would be tweeting. Ridiculous.

nonmember avatar Cookster

They could not care at all about what
happened in Boston. Those 2 are all about
me me me. They knews what they were doing.
Money,Business,MoneyBusiness that is all they care about.

nonmember avatar Cass

I didn't find out about the explosions until three hours after they happened. Even if they weren't scheduled or if she already knew, I don't hate her for having other things on her mind.

hello... hellokd87

People are overreacting. Yes, it is a tragedy but do they expect everyone, especially celebrities who are endorsing brands, companies, their own businesses to drop everything & stay glued to the tv just like them?! I apologize if I come across as insensitive, but we let the terrorists win if our lives stop any time something like this happens to our country. And by looking at the last decade and a half, it's not getting any better.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

You know how to make sure the terrorists win? DON'T go on with your normal life and bash anyone that does. I think yesterday was horrible and evil, but my life kept going. I didn't sit down in front of the TV and mope, I said a prayer, and life went on. This doesn't mean I don't think it's sad, it doesn't mean my heart isn't broken for them. It means I won't let the terrorists win.

nonmember avatar Emily

I didn't find out about the tragedy until a couple hours after and I live right near Boston. Kim and kris could just have not found out yet

nonmember avatar Jamaica Jones

How many people posted things on facebook or twitter yesterday that had nothing to do with the bombings?? A LOT!!! So why is it when a famous person tweets something that isn't related she is criticized...I'm not a kim k fan but I think folks should give her a break!

Lasha... LashaTumbai

Should we then pull scheduled advertising of any kind during a tragedy? And if people were so concerned with Boston, why were they on Kim Kardashian's twitter feed in the first place? I guess I should apologize for having a normal day at all yesterday.

Todd Vrancic

Meh.  I have more important things to worry about.

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