‘Bachelorette’ Desiree Hartsock’s Final Picks Are So Cheesy It Hurts (SPOILERS)

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desiree hartsockSeason 9 of The Bachelorette is in full swing, and Desiree Hartsock is breaking hearts and taking names. They're evidently close to filming the beloved hometown dates, a rite of passage for any Bachelor or Bachelorette, and spoilers on the old Internets have revealed two guys of the final four.

Interested in learning more about these lucky dudes?

Spoilers after the jump.

According to Reality Steve, contestants Chris Siegfried and Brooks Forester make it to the final four. He even goes as far as to say that these guys might even be in the final two, which, carry the one, makes me think Des could end up marrying either Chris or Brooks.

Just who are these Casanovas? Not too much is known about them at this point, but according to WetPaint, Chris is a 6'4" former minor league pitcher from Portland, Oregon, who currently works in sports marketing. At one point, Chris dabbled in the modeling.

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Brooks, Des' other man, is, well, a lot like Chris. He, too, is an athlete, works in marketing, and models -- he grew up in Idaho and is now living in Salt Lake City. No word whether he and Jef Holm meet up to comb their hair and read the Book of Mormon.

Here's the thing. Can we really like either of these dudes? I mean, could you take a man seriously who willingly, deliberately, and without irony posed for a picture with his shirt unbuttoned?

Desiree just seemed like such a normal girl with a hint of quirkiness on Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor -- how the hell did she end up with such stereotyped cheeseballs? Des. Come on girl. You're better than this. 

Can't wait to see how it all plays out; The Bachelorette airs May 27 on ABC.

Do you think Des will end up with this Chris or this Brooks character?


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Beverly Lavallee

Why are you even telling us what is happening with who??  It spoils the who idea of even watching it after!!  UGH!!

Jodi Smith Rasar

Not a very nice post. You don't know anything about these guys or Desiree for that matter. Does calling people names feel good for you? I do know one of the final 4 personally and he is definitely NOT a cheeseball. FYI: check your facts, some of your information you've posted here is incorrect.

Mike Cobb

This article seems to be making a point I've been blogging about for several weeks.  Most of cyberspace has a certain image of Des ... that she is a bonafide born-again Christian with strong religious convictions and high moral standards, and an amazing ability to quote the Holy Bible at will.  And the question continues to be ... Is this a false image?  If the image is accurate and if she really is the proverbial "Nice Girl", will she compromise her standards to be on the show?  In order to maintain her public reputation, any man she chooses will have to have morals and standards that at least equal hers.

Christie Flietner

Thanks, now I dont have to watch it and probably wont even bother now,

Robin Ells

Isn't reading this a choice? It state right in the title "final picks". If you didn't want to know, stop reading. Sorry, I don't mean to come across rude. It's so hard to "hear" the tone of voice. I am just stating a fact that seems so simple. This writer, as all writers, has a right to publish what he/she feels. We have the choice to read it, or not. I checked the title to make sure it was indicated that revelations would be made. They were clear.

Marianne MackAdams

I think there are alot of good christian girls out there that would make good wives, are very attractive like Des and Emily.  I hope it works out for her and Brooks.  I think ABC should do an extreme wedding makeover and have the wedding one week after the final rose.Wouldn't that be exciting?!!!!

Lou Dugan

Brooks is gay.

nonmember avatar azinferno69

I think Desiree sucked Brooks cock but he didn't like it cuz she didn't swallow so he dumped her. Chris on the other hand likes guys so I'm sure he'll dump her too so she'll have no choice but to go and bang her brother for a couple more years since her brother won't let any one into her life. he wants her forever

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