'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Vicki Gunvalson Just Can't Quit Brooks Ayers

Vicki GunvalsonOh Vicki, why? That's what everyone wants to know when it comes to her relationship with Brooks Ayers. While she's been wishy washy to date, tonight on The Real Housewives of Orange County, it became more than clear that they're not done at all.

Briana busted her saying that while her mom says they're broken up, they spend all day and night on the phone together. I'm sure they're also sneaking around seeing each other in person.

Briana, however, gave Vicki a pretty firm ultimatum. "I told her as long as I’m paying rent here and my son is here, I don’t want Brooks in this house," she said to the camera. For now, it seems that Vicki is honoring that, but I doubt it's going to last given the lovesick way she's been moping about.

If anyone wants what's best for Vicki, it's Briana. No one likes this guy, and there's ample evidence he's shady. For some reason, Vicki doesn't seem to care.

“I think you have been hard and opinionated on Brooks,” Vicki told Briana. As would every good daughter when it comes to who their mother dates. Why Vicki can't see that she only wants what's best for her is baffling, but they say love is blind for a reason I suppose.

Tamra and Vicki also talked Brooks tonight when they sat down for an awkward dinner. While I don't think Tamra is without fault in their whole feud, I think she did nail it when she said that Vicki blames her for everyone hating Brooks because it's easier than blaming Briana. They did say they were sorry to each other again though, and it would be nice to see them start rebuilding that friendship. Of course, if/when Brooks comes back, it will all come crumbling down, so it may be short-lived if they do.

Tonight we also got to meet new Housewife Lydia McLaughlin, who upon first impression may be the most irritating Housewife of all time. From her voice to her proclaiming herself a princess who always gets her way, she was just unbelievable. Really. Is anyone really like that? No wonder she's friends with Alexis Bellino.

Speaking of Alexis, why the hell did Vicki invite her to Tamra's party? Talk about asking for drama, and previews for next week promise plenty of it when we see Tamra kicking Alexis out of said party. The O.C. is starting to heat up.

Do you think Vicki will eventually choose Brooks over Briana and everyone else? What do you think of Lydia?


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Rhonda Reisner Davis

It's quite sad that Vicki is trying harder at keeping her relationship with Brokes...errr Brooks than trying to salvage and repair her marriage to her ex-husband of 15 years, Donn.

Rhonda Reisner Davis

It's quite sad that Vicki would work harder at keeping her relationship to Brokes...errr...Brooks,  than she did with trying to repair her marriage of 15 years to ex-husband, Donn.    

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Linda strikes me as extremely empty headed. She was probably the slutty sorority girl who was always drunk in college. She bugs me, to say the least.

JaneD... JaneDoh57

Hopefully Vicki will choose Brianna over Brooks....right now she is appeasing Brianna BC she doesnt wanna lose her daughter and grandchild. She also doesnt wanna lose Brooks. Perhaps he is ok being her "dirty little secret". Why did she invite Alexis to Tamras party? BC Bravo needs a storyline. Why would Alexis go? BC she needs a paycheck. Lydia makes Alexis endearing. Her voice and face are irritating. Maybe now Jesus Barbie can catch a break. I do not like Heather. Her netter than thou attirutude sucks. Im watching to see her fall from.her throne

Debbie Page Lazzara

 I really feel bad for vicki she should live her life however she wants and if it's with Brooks so be it. And Tamara you were the biggest trash talker about brooks, and now your back peddeling like you never had a problem with the man. Brianna maybe you know more about Brooks then we do , but your mother is all grown up let her be happy and if her happy is brooks then it's brooks your mom is a smart cookie i don't think he could take advantage of her.

nonmember avatar Maggie

Lydia is a spoiled rich kid - she thinks she's better than everyone, and isn't she lucky to have all she has. Gurl needs some serious cosmetic surgery.

Patty Mark Schaeffer

Lydia is annoying, her trying to say they are humble, WHATEVER.., she should use some of that excess $$$ they have and fix her horse teeth...as for Vicki I really do not think she will choose Brooks over her daughter,, she shouldnt that would be a major mistake....I agree 100% with Briana but the house is vicki's

Melan... MelanieJK

Brianna is a spoiled brat.    She should share her concerns with Vicki but blackmailing Vicki to get her way is obnoxous.     Brooks isn't a danger to her child and by all accounts he wasn't remotely unpleasant to or around her.   

Reali... Realityaddict

Brianna is right on!  You don't want to live in a house where you are uncomfortable.  So if Vicki prefers Brooks (crooks), then Brianna said fine, we will just move.  No problem.  Tamra doesn't like Brooks but she acquessed to lettng it go so Vicki can find out for herself.  Funny Vicki wasn't that quiet about Tamra's ex husband when she didn't like him nor was she quiet about Slade....Vicki just can't take it but she loves to dish it out.  WHY did she think it was ok to bring Alexis? annoying brings more annoying? That was simply RUDE!  I LOVE Heather, she is the only one with a clear head on her shoulders and all ths garbage about her and her husband being like Adrienne and Paul, really?  Terry just likes to joke and push her buttons and she is pretty good about not overreacting.  I think its fun to watch the banter!  LOVE you Heather!

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