‘Real Housewives’ Star Just Got an Insane Pay Raise for Being Crazy

nene leakesIt's been widely acknowledged that Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes is the highest paid cast member in all the franchise. Last we heard, NeNe was pulling in over $750,000 a season, but now, turns out, the leading lady has negotiated a raise. According to RadarOnline, the reality star has penned a deal with Bravo that will bring her over $1 million a season, plus bonuses, for the upcoming sixth season.

And wouldn't you know it, her cast mates are pissed.

Allegedly, they "understand" that NeNe's the star, but want to make what she makes because they think that she wouldn't be as famous if it weren't for the fights she had with them.

Aww, isn't that cute. The girls think that NeNe's so popular because they're giving her a springboard of crazy off of which to jump.

No, no. That's just not how it works. It pays to be crazy all your own and, ladies? NeNe's on top. She doesn't need your help, which is why she's getting a million dollars and you're not.

She's the only reason people tune in. I mean, she could have a fight with a sassy umbrella and it would be entertaining. She doesn't need Phaedra's drama, nor Kim's, nor lord only knows Porscha's to elevate her game. NeNe could quip a one-liner to a table lamp and I'd laugh. Hell, the show could just be her snapping and I'd still set my DVR.

Point is, her cast mates shouldn't be jealous, they should be thankful. If Bravo didn't give NeNe what she wanted, she can focus on her other projects like Glee and The New Normal. She doesn't need the Real Housewives. The Real Housewives of Atlanta needs her.

The sooner her fellow Georgia peaches realize this, the happier they all will be ... as they fight and bitch each other out, of course.

Do you think NeNe deserves her $1 million a season?


Photo via bravotv.com

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nonmember avatar redd Johnson

I love the rhoa and ne ne is my girl. So yes she deserves 1 million deal: gv it up bravo·``°*\:-)}

Sherry Kennedy Abercrombie

No I do not!!! Really wish Kim would come back to the show.Nene needs to be calmed down she doesnt own everybodyI feel for Greg because she has a high and mighty attitude now she thinks nobody is as good as her news for you Nene your no better than the rest of the girls!!!

Sissy Stalter

No way, I'm not on the NeNe band wagon. She loves to start trouble, make snarky comments and acts as though she is better then everyone else. Does she forget where she started out? She has had more then her share of the drama but now wants to act like she is the peace maker to put on a show for everyone. Just watch her roll her eyes, snicker when the other women are talking and side with anyone who follows her lead. She is the head mean girl laughing at her little minions.

Kim Cutlip

No way nobody does and believe me I would watch RHOA with her or without her 

Actually they need to build it more around Kandi and get all new ones you rock

Angie Martinez

I love each housewife for what they bring to the show. I have loved Nene since day one. I love Kandi and Phedra too!

Joan Richmond

NO....no one should make that high salary for any reasons.....

Cathy Grondy

I'll bet that Kenya is turning about fourty-two shades of green after hearing this.

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