‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Latest Selfie Tells Us a Lot About Her Marriage (PHOTO)

jenelle evansTeen Mom Jenelle Evans is all about taking self-portraits from the passenger seat. The troubled mom of one has posed numerous times from her car, but in this latest selfie, Jenelle is letting us in on a little secret. Captioned "Taken pics in his fitted", Ms. Evans snapped a shot of herself wearing what we can only assume is husband Courtland Rogers' hat, adjusted perfectly off-center, with the hologram sticker still on the top of the bill, of course.

Is this just a boring selfie, or is there more to it than meets the eye? I think you know how to answer that.

Jenelle's taken a page out of Kristen Stewart's book here. Old KStew was spotted wearing Robert Pattinson's hat during their tumultuous on and off phase -- rocking his hat was her signal that he was on her mind, that they had a history together, that she treasures his head sweat and would gladly share it. Er, something like that.

It's no secret that Jenelle and Courtland have been going through a similar rough patch. No, Jenelle didn't sleep with the director of Teen Mom (as far as we know, anyway), but between Courtland's guilty plea to battery against their unborn child and Jenelle's admission to heroin addiction, they haven't necessarily been standing on solid ground.

So what does Jenelle do? She wears his hat to show that they're together, that they're a team, unified in their craziness.


Only problem is, a little clothing swap and a photo aren't enough to make things work. Jenelle's going to need a lot more than Courtland's Angel over her head to see this relationship all the way through.

Do you think Jenelle and Courtland will last?


Photo via PBandJenelley/Twitter

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Melan... MelanieJK

Battery against their unborn child?!     Who the hell would want anything to do with him?     Ah,   a heroin addict...       This relationship needs to end asap.

nonmember avatar TruthSeeker

Don't "awww" over two junkies who beat each other up, one supposedly causing the miscarriage of their child, stick together for money and drugs. Stop coddling her. Please.

nonmember avatar Merianna

how is this news what has the united states come to just give the baby to a loving home

nonmember avatar jhater

What a stupid whore

Tiffany Danowsky

I hope that when the Teen Mom 2 ends that these girls can get their lifes together ..... But also at the same time I cant judge bc I do not know what is really going on in they lives I only see what MTV shows..

Robyn Russell

if my husband cause me to miscarry he would be well we wont be together but no one else would wanna be with him either. he would be a little less of a man after i got done with him. but hell love is stupid and blind. you   may think its love butt i think she is just staying with him cause she doesnt want to be alone. i hope she can find her way and everything gets better for this girl. i wish people would stop talking bad about her. she is just crazy lol

jazmy... jazmyne123


Taryn Chloee Dominiquè

Seriously you guys have to stop giving these d-list celebrity's so much attention that they don't deserve, like this moron is famous for being a shit mum, yet you idiotic journalist continue to feed everyone with information about the stupid childish drug addict!
Great influence on other young mums showing them; hey if she can be a shit mum & get all this news written about her, maybe I can too!!

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