'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Chelsea Deserves to Leave Her Daughter for a Night to Party

Teen Mom 2It was a night of parties on MTV's Teen Mom 2. Between Jace's third birthday party at a gymnastics studio, Leah's actual wedding (how many times is she going to marry, anyway), Kailyn's engagement, and Chelsea's 21st, there was a whole lot of partying going on.

It was mostly a happy episode for a change.

Javi proposed in a very sweet way to Kailyn, incorporating Isaac and generally appearing to be truly in love with her, which is always awesome to see. The whole move thing is still looming and will undoubtedly cause massive drama with Jo, but her move may likely be good for Isaac in the long run given how much he likes Javi. It seems happiness is possible for her. And she's not the only one.

Jenelle and Kieffer are also (shockingly) in a good place it seems. They went to Jace's birthday party and had little to no drama for once. They focused on the right person (Jace) and even helped him open his presents.

The scene was sort of sad because it shows the kind of mom Jenelle could be if she dropped the drama, found a good guy (not Kieffer), and paid more attention to her son. She has it in her to be a loving, together person. She just rarely uses it.

As for Chelsea, it was her 21st and she was looking great and feeling great. So why shouldn't she live it up. I am sure there are people out there who would judge her for partying all night while she has a daughter, but I thought it was a great move.

Her daughter Aubrey was safe, and if anyone deserves to have a night off to live it up, have fun with her friends, and actually BE 21 for once, it's this girl. She works very, very hard. She has good parents who help her with her daughter, but mostly she is in school, caring for her daughter, and dealing with the drama from Adam.

She should let loose once in a while and it was great to see her happy for once.

All in all, it was a respite from the usual depressing fare. Happy birthday to Chelsea who, despite drinking a lot (she was turning 21 after all), managed to rally the next day and still be coherent and energetic for her kid. That deserves a medal!

Do you judge Chelsea for partying?


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Disso... Dissolutions

Nope i dont judge her at all. There is nothing wrong with getting a baby sitter once in a while to go out. It's not like she's doing it every single night. Once in a while wont hurt anything.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Of course Chelsea deserves a night out, I don't think anyone judges her for that but let's not gush over what a "hard, hard, worker" she is. Please, she took 3 years to get her GED and as of this episode, has taken a MONTH off school just to move into a ne place her dad found her, and got using HIS credit and HIS money. She's a loving mom, but she is also spoiled and lazy. She wouldn't last two seconds in Kail's situation.

nonmember avatar chrissy

Nope not at all! Chelsea deserves to go out once in a while . There's nothing wrong with it at all!

nonmember avatar chrissy

Kaerae she is a hard worker. She has to be both mom and dad to Aubree, and she's not spoiled and lazy she is a wonderful person and no one should judge her for it

nonmember avatar aimee

no i dont i belive every mother needs to have fun once in a while

Debra Bates

no i do not judge her  it was her 21st b-day and her daughter was taken care of 

nonmember avatar Stephanie.r.e

Anyone that judges Chelsea is plain ignorant. Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you can't have a night out. I thought it was nice to see her having fun. But I agree with kaerae. She is anything but a hard worker. She's a good mom but she is spoiled, her dad does absolutely everything for her. She works hard at being a mom, that's it.

I wish Kailyn would show more emotion. I know she built a wall and all that (and with a mother like hers so would I) but she never shows any emotion. I like her and Javi. He was so very sweet.

Leah is just annoying. I'm starting to fast forward everytime she comes on. She is a manipulative bitch. I really hate her. She and Jeremy will divorce. It might take a little longer than it did with her last marriage but that's only because he is gone 6 days out of the week. She is probably already cheating on him. She's way too needy.

I feel awful for Jace. His mother is awful and there are zero signs of her growing up.

nonmember avatar Katie

No she always says no to going out and she always takes care of her daughter she deserves a night out to herself !!! Now if it were janelle than that would be different

Danie... Danielle17T

Every mom deserves a night out every once in a while!

nonmember avatar Margaret

I think she's doing an amazing job, even if she did take a few years to get her GED in the end at least she got it! I wish nothing but the best for her & all the moms.

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