Britney Spears Wants David Lucado to Be Her Next Ex-Boyfriend


britney and davidTo say Britney Spears has been unlucky in love is an understatement. Her 20s were one romantic disaster after another. Sadly, it doesn't look like she will fare much better in her 30s. Her brand new relationship with David Lucado may already be in trouble.

When it comes to boyfriends, Britney just doesn't know the meaning of taking things slow. It's like she goes from 0 to 100 mph as soon as she likes a guy. Just like with all the others, she is seemingly spending every waking moment with David. And already there are reports that the couple is moving in together. You don't have to be a relationship expert to know that that's a seriously bad idea.

This is not to say he is a bad guy. David is probably as nice and down-to-earth as sources say. But it's too much, too soon, especially since the pop star recently ended her engagement to Jason Trawick. Another disastrous move on Brit's part? She may be putting him on the payroll. Showbizspy reports that she wants him to manage her calendar. Though one source believes it's a ploy to keep him around. I suppose, if he starts to lose interest in her, a big paycheck will keep him from jumping ship.

Sad, right? It's as though she's setting things up to fail. Hasn't she learned that mixing business with pleasure is a surefire recipe for romantic disasters? She's certainly been through it before -- first with her former backup dancer Kevin Federline, then with her manager-turned-lover Jason. Now she wants the same kind of deal with this guy. I guess when Britney is all in, she's all in. Let's hope it works out for her sake.

Do you think Britney is moving too fast?


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nonmember avatar Blueshadow

Omg, she can't seriously be thinking about letting this guy move in. That's just f@ckng crazy. Plus, honestly, he is a little heavy and not that good looking. What I'm trying to say is she can do ALOT better. She's Britney Spears for Christsake!! Go get Rayan Gosling...or anybody other then the Viginia Tech mascot.. Dude get some new threads..

Nanam... Nanamom127

She may well be moving too fast... But does the fact that "he's a little heavy" or "not that good looking"

( neither of which I agree with, although that's not the point) make him  " not good enough" for her or

 matter at ALL? She can "do better" ... Does that mean a better looking/ thinner guy? A famous guy?

How about a kind guy, a nice guy, a decent, loving guy? This way of thinking floors me! 

nonmember avatar Jess

He used to come into my fave restaurant all the time. He would always be so rude to the staff that worked there and treat everyone like they were below him. Then he would demand free stuff. He would act like such a braggart big shot telling everyone at the bar that he was dating Britney Spears, he would talk about her and her family to total strangers!! He would also demand special treatment saying things like "do you know how much money we spend in here?!" He always put everything on her tab and would often have his douchebag buddies in to get wasted with him, they were all partying on Britney's dime and demanding special treatment because their friend was dating her! I think he is a rude, arrogant, disgusting person and I really hope she breaks up with him! She's in her own world and not very in touch with reality.

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