Kim Kardashian Is Presenting at the MTV Movie Awards: Will She Get Booed?

kim kardashianThe MTV Movie Awards are this Sunday, and guys, not only is our little buddy Taylor Lautner nominated for best shirtless performance, but Kim Kardashian just revealed that she'll be presenting. Joy! The pregnant reality star took to her blog to express her excitement at the opportunity, but didn't give any details as to what award she'll be handing out, or whether or not baby daddy Kanye West will let her finish, or if he feels Beyonce deserved the honor.

To tell the truth, I'm mildly interested in watching how the crowd reacts when Kim walks out on stage to hand out the Moon Man. It will be a real, honest, unfiltered temperature gauge on her popularity, or lack thereof.

The MTV audience isn't afraid to tell it like it is -- it's not like they're high brow movie producers, actors, or otherwise "dignified" guests along the lines of those who attend the Oscars or, hell, even the Golden Globes.

Point is, no one would be shown booing Kim at any other awards show other than one held by MTV. Now that she's pregnant and is, dare I say, losing some of her luster (not because she's with child, but because her fake marriage and sudden pregnancy have made her so over-exposed, it's becoming intolerable), how will fans react?

MTV is owned by Viacom (not Comcast, which owns E!), so presumably, Kim won't get any special treatment. MTV's not incentivized to make her look good.

Maybe everyone loves Kim more than ever and my finger's far from the pulse, but maybe, just maybe, Kim will hear what "fans" really think when she steps up to that podium.

I'm not saying I'm hoping for it, I'm just saying it's a possibility.

How do you think the crowd will react to Kim?


Photo via david shankbone/Flickr

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bpster bpster

Please tell me why we have a women that was in a sex tape who is married and carring another mans baby presenting ANYTHING?? This family can't disappear fast enough for me...

nonmember avatar guest

Why would she get booed? I haven't heard anyone get booed for presenting. She hasn't committed a crime.

Coles... Coles_mom

I think she'll get cheered and clapped for...her show is popular.

Shandi80 Shandi80

I have no idea how people in the audience will react and I'm not going to watch it, since I'm 110% sure it will be in at least one the Stir blog the very next day (or even the same night). Thank you, the Stir for keeping me enlightened on everything this woman does!

nonmember avatar Kowtrashian

Maybe our prayers will be answered and a giant sink hole will suddenly appear and the whole K-klan will magically dissapear!
ps...I hope they boo her fat arse off stage!

nonmember avatar mel

Oh come on. Cant we all be nice ? Do we need to have a reminder on if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it ? Why would you write this ? Grow up. I get your writing a tabloid piece but seriously be an adult .. if you were pregnant and had the whole world breathing down your neck about your choices in life ( and call you fat a whore worthlessat every turn) .. the last thing youd want is to get booed. Have some f*cking compassion. Money doesnt make you non human. Humans deserve compassion. Im glad shes rich. She takes on a lot of sh*t ... mostly because she didnt make herself famous ! American people made her famous ! We are the consumer. I really hope you have some better common sense about you next time you write. It isnt just o h I can spew whatever as long as I get paid. People read this and you have a chance to be positive and make a difference. Dont waste it cause time flies and then you old and negative.

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