Kim Zolciak’s ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Sneak Peek Reveals What a Disaster Her Life Is (VIDEO)

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kim zolciakKim Zolciak may not be one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta anymore, but her life is still filled with a ton of drama. The sneak peak of season 2 of her spinoff Don't Be Tardy reveals more craziness and heartbreak than she ever experienced while battling NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Sparks and her other frenemies.

The juicy minute-and-a-half clip starts off cheerful enough. Now a married mother of four, we see her playing at home and then the beach with her kids. She and hubby Kroy Biermann also visit the gynecologist to ask how they can guarantee getting pregnant with a girl next time around. His advice was appropriate enough. "Just wave a bunch of credit cards near your balls and girls sperm will come to the surface for that," the doctor quipped. Well, he has a point. Isn't that how Kroy nabbed Kim. LOL!

However, the laughs quickly give way to anger and sadness as Kim deals with her parent's decision to sue for visitation of their grandchildren. Kims' response: "Don't f**k with my kids, my man or my money and my parents are f**king with all three!" Yikes. Talk about a family feud.

But the worst bit of news may be about her new marriage. It looks as though Kim and Kroy are going through a serious rocky period. There are a couple of different scenes showing them arguing. At one point he asks his bawling wife, "Where did you forget the roles of a parent? At what point did you just throw those out the window?" So much for the happy newlyweds. I suppose Kroy finally got fed up with her obsessive materialism or crass behavior. I definitely won't be tardy for tuning in to this one. Can't wait to see how it unfolds.

Do you think Kim is ruining her marriage?


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fluff... fluffygrrrl

this hag has used up her 3 seconds.  To diss your own parents to create drama on your tv show is the worst thing you could do.  To throw out the mother of the bride out of your wedding reception because she chose to use the bathroom rather than a porta potty.  She deserves more than that for deciding to bring her in this world.   She disses her maid of honor too.  She ended up with no friends on the housewives as well.  He will dump your ass and then she'll have 3 different baby daddies. which is probably why she is spending him out of his money now. 

Gloria Woods Kotos

yes I think so , that why I call her drama qu. but now she is friend with NENE,you know what I do not care about her all I want her out of the show but now she have her own show I do not care I am not watch her show, I do not like her at all... I do fell sorry for troy because her!!

Susan Livingston Harris

Bravo needs to stop glorifying women who abuse their parents like Bethanny and Kathy Griffin and this shrew who has to be 49 if she's a day.  Her kids look older than me.   Bravo be brave!  you can do it!  push something positive for a change!  

Debbie Page Lazzara

When Kim had her mother removed from her wedding for using her bathroom I just could'nt believe what i was seeing, (Truly discusting). And now to keep her kids from the grand parents is a new low, And i bet her parents even helped to raise the 2 older ones. Shame on you kim.

Linda Lopez

I believe if people will leave them alone they will work it out.  As for Kim's parents her mother is a nut case looking for 5 minutes of fame.  Her father is a gem.  But her mother.....if my mother ever did what she did at my wedding...I would have personally thrown her out.  She is a drunk and has no morals.  Leave this couple alone.  Every reality show I have ever since has caused a marriage to break up.  These two were meant for each other.

Suzanne Benn

Question: who "really" thinks that Kroy was in agreement with Kym on throwing out her parents from their wedding? He was raised MUCH better than that. I am having a hard time believing Kroy is all for the way that Kym acts, walks & treats others. That being said....why the HELL hasn't he spoken up against her and her stupid ways ??????? She is spending his money as fast if not faster than he can make it !!!!! Come on Kroy, take a stand, act like a man and learn how to say "NO" to the crazy bitch !!!!! She is busy making you look like a schmuck !!!! She has no friends, no family that will talk to her other than you, and ONLY CARES ABOUT YOUR $$$$$$$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

valen... valentine60

Why Susan Livingston Harris   

would you say that about Kathy Griffin?  She has NEVER ABUSED HER PARENTS.. Her mother loves it and her father loved her to death..Get your facts straight before you open your mouth...


ljmo ljmo

Before Kim married Kroy she was spending money like she does now, so why does everyone think she is spending his money.  I don't blame her for kicking her mom out.  She isn't much of a mother herself.   Where do you think Kim got her self-centeredness from?  Bravo shows us what Bravo wants us to see.  If you don't like her don't watch.  

Penny Howard

I love Kim however Kim needs a reality check. She needs to step back some and review what is going on around her. She has everything a woman could possibly want in life and she says she is blessed I just don't think she understands what blessed is. I will be watching for sure.

LaTanya GeminiondaRise Johnson

From looking at RHOA and Tardy for the party in my opninon Kim uses ppl. She used Kandi to get her songs, she only wants to be friends with NeNe again because she has a booming acting career and she wants to use her to get in probably. If you aren't benefiting Kim then she has no need for you.

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