Kim Kardashian Won't Be Able to Handle a Kanye West Cheating Scandal (VIDEO)

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Ever since Kanye West confessed his undying love for Kim Kardashian in "Theraflu" and the two A-listers got together -- I'm convinced they've turned into better people. I know I know, that's me being naive probably, but they just seem so damn happy together. Which is why these new rumors that Kanye West is cheating on Kim are totally throwing me off completely! Rumor has it that West is hooking up with some Australian pop singer Iggy Azalea (yes, like the flower).

Is Kim gonna be able to handle this? We have all of the dirt on today's episode of The Daily Stir:

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Kim Kardashian Is Hit With Rumors of Kanye West Cheating

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Do you think Kanye's cheating on Kim?


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nonmember avatar mae

I don't think she cares if he is because she has what she always wanted a baby and a baby daddy with money. If he is cheating on her I think he is or will is because that is who he is. He is just like Kim self absorbed conceited and think the world resolves around them. If she cared about kanye she would have divorced Kris long time ago. Whatever is keeping that from happening is crazy. Obviously kanye does not care. I really can't see kanye marrying her at all.

nonmember avatar mel

@mae.. she tried to divorce him 72 days after their wedding.. I truly think she is trying her best to divorce him as soon as possible ( not get an annulment) . Kris is the reason why its being held up ( yes I agree he must be a bit crazy. )

Kris wants to be famous. But hes just got a sh*tty personality. Dragging out this divorce is just pathetic on his part. Ill agee kim has her own issues but at least shes likeable enough to be hugely bankable.. kris is not attractive and I remember being shocked that she really wanted this guy... i dont think she was thinking but I dont think its completely staged like some people do. She just seemed to be elsewhere when making choices.

Tumelo Lephole

For as long as kim have a baby its ok. And what matters is that the father is wealthy. And they look good together.

nonmember avatar mlindywise

I'm with you--he's not cheating. If he were, she could sit on him and that would be the end of that. I really like your video show--keep up the good work.

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