Teresa Giudice Plans to Ruin Melissa Gorga Next Season of 'RHONJ'

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Teresa GiudiceI can't lie, I was a little excited when the news broke that Teresa Giudice's friend Jennifer Dalton could be joining the cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Things were getting a little predictable when the whole cast sided with Melissa Gorga during the family uproar. Shocker: It sounds like now that Giudice has some backup, she's hoping to raise hell. A source tells Perez Hilton that Teresa's been "relentlessly plotting to paint Melissa as a bad friend and a gold digger" on the upcoming season. Oh boy, drama. That's something we're not used to, right?

Listen, I too think Teresa is crazy pants. It's uncomfortable to watch her get into all of these altercations, which is why I thought her having a friend around could make the situations a little less tense. But with all this "I wanna ruin Melissa's life" business, it sounds like less tense is just NOT gonna happen.

What I don't understand about this intense vendetta that Giudice has against Gorga is that they are FAMILY. I've never been able to hold a grudge against a family member for as long as these two. Just when we thought they had patched things up, surprise surprise, the tension isn't gone. Allegedly, it's far from that.

At this point I'm just convinced that Melissa and Teresa cannot be friends despite their family ties. There's too much history, too much drama, and after all that's happened, I'm not sure they're emotionally capable of putting their anger behind them. With that said, the upcoming season of RHONJ should be prettttty intense, eh? Bring it on, ladies!

Do you think Teresa needs to put her past with Melissa behind her?


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Frank... Franki426

Teresa Giudice should be off the show big mistake for keeping her on the show, I know alot of people that will not be watching RHONJ because it got so stupid with Teresas childish and mean schemes. Was she a bully in school, because she certainly is on RHONJ

nonmember avatar MaryWanna

Hate, hate, hate Melissa Gorga and her sisters, pure trash.

Teresa Porter Richard

i can't help myself I will be watching even though i think she is f'ng CRAZY!

nonmember avatar DitaR930

I am no fan of Theresa by any means but I think the story line is one sided. I want Melissa to explain why she contacted Danielle. Melissa is just as shady, just under cover about it.

nonmember avatar Katrina

This is one of my least favorite housewives shows now. I do not care for Teresa, Melissa or Caroline at all. I miss Dina and wish she were back with an entire new cast. I know lots of people love Caroline and seem to think she is such a wonderful Mom but just to me perhaps, she has been too interfering the entire show. Teresa and Joe started out ok but now, they just seem so redneck, Joe more than Teresa; don't understand why she stays with him. To me , Dina Manzo was the only one with class.

Phyllis DeLuccia Virga

Teresa can't stand the love her brother has for his wife and wishes she had that kind of love. Teresa's husband is a scuz ball, cheating, grease ball and I feel sorry for their children because they will learn what they see and that household is very unbalanced. Melissa tried to make amends with Teresa but Teresa just goes back to her tricks to undermind Melissa like the stunt she pulled on Melissa at the fashion show.

Phyllis DeLuccia Virga

Teresa is sooo jealous of the love her brother has for his wife that she has to kill it to satisfy herself. Teresa wishes she had that love in her house but her husband is a scuz ball, cheating, fat, grease ball. I feel sorry for their children because they will learn what they see.

Juls Cas

I have not seen anything trashy of Melissa and her sisters. It is appalling that people judge as they do. I did not like the horrible way Teresa invited Danielle to Dinner and flipped the table...several seasons ago.... calling Danielle horrible names in front of the kids. What sane person would do that? What's in the past is passed. They all need to read the bible and learn how to love one another and forgive.(SECOND COMMANDMENT....‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’[d] There is no other commandment greater than these.”Mark 12:28-34
New King James Version (NKJV)
******** New International Version (©2011)
"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.
Even Jesus forgave a prostitute.!!! She could really learn from the bible.... Someone send her one and offer her a bible study!

Juls Cas

Leviticus 19:18 "'Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.   ((((Teresa needs to be told))))  What kind of example is she sending to her children??? 

Karen Weiler-Ortega

Mathew 7- Judge not lest ye be judged. Spouting scripture makes people look foolish. Teresa has never been my favorite, quite frankly there is no one on the NJHW worth s damn IMHO. Certainly not Manzo. all 3 kids still hanging on Mommy's apron for everything. Mrs Laurita has skeletons and is no one to pass judgement- Adam raised Cain and she raised HER throw away daughter too. The Gorga's are camera hungry and Mellissas jealousy on Teresa's fame is all the reason for the nastiness, kathy roo. Teresa has always been Teresa, love her or hate her she is who she is, with 4 smart mouthed spoiled brats and an uncouth husband and a very loud mouth. Watch or don;t watch, but Teresa's not Satan in the feminine form.

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