Robert Pattinson's Birthday Present to Kristen Stewart Sounds Totally Unromantic

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We all remember that Robert Pattinson supposedly got Kristen Stewart a new adopted dog for her 23rd birthday, which is a wonderful gift, but that had to have been only one of her gifts, right? There's got to be another one around the corner that symbolizes his eternal burning birthday love? Well, of course there is. Reportedly, Rob also went out and splurged on the kind of birthday surprise that women all over the world can only dream of receiving from their men. Are you ready? Make sure you're sitting down. Rob bought her ... a pen. Yeah, a PEN. Granted, he didn't pick up some leaky ballpoints at Staples. But still. It's a pen, people.

A British tabloid reports that Rob gave Kristen, who apparently collects pens, a $43,000 collector's edition white gold pen. Says the source:

Kristen has always collected pens, and has a variety of stylish ones. Rob decided to go big for her birthday this year and brought her a limited edition white gold Tibaldi Bentley Crewe fountain pen. He had her name specially engraved on it with the year and wording: 'From R'. There are only 40 of these pens in the world, so it’s a real collector’s item.

Okay, let's forget for a moment that this nugget sounds like it came directly from the Tibaldi Bentley public relations division. Let's just say this really happened.

I don't care how expensive and rare a pen is. It's still a pen. It doesn't say, "I'm madly, passionately in love with you." It murmurs, "Lemme write this down before I forget it." And what kind of cockamamie birthday sentiment is that?

HOWEVER. If Kristen genuinely is a pen fanatic, then she'd probably appreciate this gift more than something traditionally birthday-ish like a trip to the Maldives or a new Bentley of the car variety, not the writing tool variety. Sooooo ... okay, Rob, I'll forgive you. Because I'm sure you wanted to know how I felt about it.

And, I'm sorry, but a $43,000 pen? Do. Not. Understand.

Do you think a pen is an acceptable birthday gift?


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Sierr... SierraLynn

It does show his affection. It shows he cares about her interests and what she likes which to me, is more loving then anything. It may not seem like a good gift to you, but to her it could have been the greatest gift ever. And a puppy!

nonmember avatar JeanieR

Kiri, may I politely ask what your problem is? Your article is jealous and petty to an unnecessary degree. What's wrong with a pen? Especially, a nicer one than just a plastic ballpoint. I personally would be pleased with such a gift. Maybe it holds some significance for them. Not ever gift has to be expensive to be meaningful.

BPayne09 BPayne09

Since when do gifts have to spew romance? He got her something SHE would enjoy. Get off your high horse, woman!

nonmember avatar cotton hogan

Just by the pics i have seen. She didn't deserve a pen or a dog. She also acted like she didn't even want him there at all. It seemed like she rather have been the her girlfrieds than him.

Kiri Dalziel

Wow,I thought I was the only Kiri,Lol...
Anyways,I disagree with you Kiri Blakeley,what do you get a girl who already has everything but especially the man of most fans dreams?A new puppy and a pen sound good to me and a $43,000 pen at that,it's nothing to be sneezed at,I bet Kristen was over the moon and she already has a Ring,a beautiful necklace and Rob's heart,I'd be happy with that.

Kristen J Hancock

that is a great gift, if that makes her happy.


TRaven60 TRaven60

A pen sure beats flowers that die in days.  Why does a birthday gift have to be romantic?  Best birthday gift my husband ever got iPad.  He got me one of those robo vacuum cleaners one year for our anniversary - best anniversary gift ever.  

Maria Lee

A puppy and a collector's pen sounds great and very thoughtful.

Allicia Haley

First of all, he spent $43,000 dollars on a pen for her. $43,000!!!. A ballpoint from staples would have sent the message that he didn't care, that costs very little. No man would spend that amount of frivolously if they did not care about the girl. Besides, she is a pen collector and he went and bought her one of which there are only 40 in the world. That is thoughtful and if it makes her happy, then that is all that matters.

nonmember avatar Starsnow

It means he pays attention to what she likes. Many women prefer quirky things. I have a friend who received a Kitchen Aid mixer from her husband as a anniversary and you know what she said, it's the best gift her husband ever gave her.

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