'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Fights With 'Buckwild' Star at the Wrong Time

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jenelle evansLast I checked, Jenelle Evans didn't have the world's greatest capacity for judgment. But nonetheless, you'd think she would know better than to get into a Twitter fight with the grieving castmembers of Buckwild right now. 

Following the cancellation of the MTV show due to Shain Gandee's death, Buckwild star Shae Bradley tweeted: "MTV can have shows about horrible parents and horrible influences, and were just good people having good hearted fun and Shain was the best." Jenelle took offense to Shae's tweet. So she tweeted back some harsh words to Bradley, saying, "Wow I can't believe u just called all of the Teen Moms out like that. How rude, no matter what 'show' u r on we r a family. Sorry if u guys like to party and traffic drugs and have yr cast members locked up... "

Defensive much, Jenelle? I mean, yes, the Teen Moms have been supportive of their MTV colleagues during this sad time, but going on a nasty Twitter rant like this isn't just unnecessary -- and it makes Jenelle look like a brat.

No, Jenelle isn't a good parent, but I'm sure Bradley wasn't just talking about her. She said horrible parents and horrible influences. I'm guessing she meant most of the Teen Moms, and the casts of Jersey Shore and The Real World. Get over yourself, Jenelle. Shae's tweet may not have been the nicest, but try to have a little sympathy.

What do you think of Jenelle and Shae's "fight"?

Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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nonmember avatar kaerae

Uh, Jenelle, she didn't call out "all the Teen Moms," she only called out those who abandoned their children.....that would be YOU!

Tripl... TripleC14

Both tweets were dumb. In the one case, a show with some crappy parents, in the other case, 3 grown adults killing themselves through sheer drunken stupidity. They should both get over themselves.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Both are rather trashy. Pot, meet kettle.

jhslove jhslove

What the hell is wrong with her face? Why is she doing that with her mouth?

eleph... elephantmamaof2

I just can't believe she had the nerves to call someone out on drugs and arrests. I'm pretty sure her record puts any cast member of any other mtv show to shame lol

hello... hellokd87

I recently discovered that face she's making is all the rage with idiots, i mean teens. It's called the "duck face" cos their mouth resembles a duck, LOL. I do NOT watch MTV whatsoever & I am highly against the show Teen Mom. I think once our society stops patronizing these shows as "entertainment" then will our nation as a whole see progress.

Wendi Street

jenelle better watch out buckwild girls will whoop her ass. she is a no good person who gave her son to her mom and she rather do drugs instead of raising her son.

Paige Ashley Gensley

"Sorry if u guys like to party and traffic drugs and have yr cast members locked up".... that kinda sounds like Jenelle... lol still has no room to talk. If your gonna bad mouth someone make sure its something you don't also do... hypocrite lol

Brenda Rascon

stupid heroin addict what else can we expect from a drugatic

Daniel Martina-Marie Warren

she kinda has a point but but she shouldn't be saying something mean becuse it wasn't really meant for her and i hope she know what she getting into

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