'RHOA' Kenya Moore May Have Propositioned Phaedra Parks' Man

Kenya MooreThis entire season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore have battled it out over the booty workout video idea Kenya stole from Phaedra. It turns out there may have been something even shadier fueling the feud though -- like Kenya trying to steal Phaedra's man.

Oh we saw Kenya flirting with Apollo Nida in Anguilla, but she may have done even more than that. Sources say Kenya and Phaedra are going to get into it big time on part three of the RHOA reunion, and things are going to get nasty.

According to In Touch, we're going to see Phaedra snap, while Kenya sits there fanning herself with that damn fan. She reportedly tells Phaedra that it's Apollo who's been texting her. Phaedra then sets the record straight saying that after he asked Kenya for advice on an acting coach, "She propositioned him with a sexual act."

Whoa! We knew she was all sorts of shady, but would she really go that low? Based on what we've seen, I wouldn't put it past her, and, honestly, I'm not sure I'd put it past Apollo. He was a little too into her flirtation in Anguilla for my comfort.

Kenya denies anything inappropriate.

Hitting on and flirting are two different things. That man is married. I respect the sanctity of marriage.

Phaedra doesn't seem too worried about any of it, telling In Touch, "I have a strong marriage. It's not like Kenya revealed something I didn't know. There are no secrets."

Let's hope not, because I can't imagine anything worse for Phaedra than having Apollo cheat with the likes Kenya. Can't wait to see this all go down!

Do you think Kenya is trying to steal Phaedra's man?


Image via Bravo

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Giles Carmelia

Kenya Moore needs to do a lot of soul searching,she sounds like she is letting a lot of stuff from her pass affect how she treats people in the present, She sounds so lost in life and not dealing with reality very well. Her actions on the show says it all.

nonmember avatar Linda

If her husband was not interested in Kenya. Why did he respond to the texts? Why didn't he tell his wife about the texts? Phaedra need to stop defending her husband and putting all the blame on Kenya. She married the younger guy and knew he was not finish playing around and enjoyed strip clubs. So, her booty is not that interesting or it will keep him at home.

Rose Marshall

i don't think apollo is that lame to get it on with loser kenya.  phaedra is smart and sexy and apollo isn't that stupid.  he's got it good with phaedra.   i LOVE phaedra and can't stand loony kenya.   

Kerri Powers

LINDA What are you talking about? Did you read the article? It says Appolo texted Kenya for advise on an acting coach. And Kenya propersitioned him. Kenyas a desperate woman! In fact shes creepy desperate. Any man who goes out with her sees how crazy she is and won't see her anymore. Now shes freaking out trying to find a man to marry and have a baby with...Shes nuts and a loser!

Tina Eberhardt Stanush

I think the HO can try but hoping that he has more since than to go with the NOBODY.

nonmember avatar SydVixen

I have to first say that - Any man that is easily swayed by the allure of sex is a man I care not to know or will try to keep "the booty interesting" as Linda ^ stated.Some females have it all twisted when it comes to a cheater.

It is Not the partner's fault why the other Cheats

It Is A Character Flaw which makes a person stray

It has Nothing To Do With "Im better in bed than you"

The Cheater is not Capable or Prepared to deal with whatever the discord is and uses an easy Way Out when they cheat.

Any person that accepts a cheater has low self esteem with no respect for themselves

And anyone that think to "got" the cheater and won something worth having is a fool.

A Real Man or Woman don't cheat They leave

nonmember avatar Sharon Wilkins

I definitely think Kenya would make a pass at most of the men on RHOA. Kenya seems insecure
which rewrites as being needy in the area of
soliciting compliments.

Lisa Mccoy

Linda Phaedra said that he told her about the text, were you not listening

nonmember avatar Bunny

It’s just sad to watch Kenya. I pity her. She spews hate and nastiness, but you can see it's only because she is unhappy with herself. To stoop as low as to flirt/text a married man...Desperate is the word that comes to mind..

Angela Y. Johnson

Linda, you must only hear what you want to hear. Phaedra said that Apollo told her about the texts from Kenya. I don't think there is a man in America that would want to get tied up with someone as crazy, shady, or nasty as Kenya Moore. She's still single for some good reasons and will probably be that way the rest of her life. I don't know why she is on the show and hopefully she is the one that is going to be replaced. The RHOA do a lot of things, but they don't mess with each other's men. Peter ls also in her scope so Cynthia better watch out.

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