Former 'Dancing With the Stars' Fan Favorites Are Making a Big Return & We Can't Wait

DWTSIt's been a great season of Dancing With the Stars so far on season 16. There are some genuinely good dancers and the pros seem to be bringing their A game to every single episode. And yet, I can't help thinking of all the people we have left behind.

Julianne Hough, Chelsie Hightower, Lacey Schwimmer, Anna Trebunskaya, Louis Van Amstel, and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. It turns out at least a couple old favorites, including the one I miss most, will be making an appearance on next week's show. Yahoo!

But who will it be?? See below:

It turns out the beloved Maks will be back on next week at the request of his brother Val. He will be dancing with Anna who is also making an appearance.

It's not clear why Anna isn't on the show this season. Or, for that matter, why Louis and Chelsie were booted. Maybe they wanted to make room for new faces, but for people who have watched for a while, it's kind of sad to see old favorites go.

Shows need to shake things up, I get it. But they shake things up enough with the new dancers. Do they really need to change up the pros, too?

Personally, I will be thrilled to see Maks and Anna back on the floor and I hope they will consider bringing back other old favorites. The reality is, we get attached. Season after season we watch them and it's always fun to see the way the old favorites change up their technique. Cheryl Burke is always different with different partners and that is part of the fun of the show. Besides, no one brought more fire or sexiness to the show than Maks.

I know Maks made the decision to leave himself, but maybe he couldn't stay away? A girl can dream, right?

Do you miss the old pros?


Image via ABC

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Canup Linda

where is Lacey at? I miss watching her dance. Come back Lacey, Please

Lauren Gardner

Thank God, at least Maks got his brother on. Valentino even said that the show is about everyone's contribution. (When they were trying to glorify Val.) I like Maks, but I am getting to be very fond of Val. He's humble.

Lois Troutman

They changed too many pros at once. It was not necessary to use Lindsey, Sharna, and Gleb. When they had an established pool already from which to choose. I wondered too any Anna and Chelsea asked back. And they have men pros like Dmitry, Corky Ballas, Louis, Jonathan Roberts, they could have asked instead of Gleb. I think the show is realizing that error.

Mae Boyington

Bring Maks back......and all the original dancers....please.

nonmember avatar jennifer

I wish Julianne Hough would come back as a regular...she is a gifted dancer...yes...she sings which is really good and her acting is tops too but her dancing WOW...the girl can DANCE....

nonmember avatar Juli


MaryKay Buckland

I don't think some of the new pros are as good at "teaching"...they seem good at dancing ...but, the old pros...Julianne, Anna, Jonathon, Edyta, Louis were all great teachers also.


Xiomara Sillie

Can't wait to see my favorite pro dancer Max soon. Miss him so much on the show. Wish him all the best with his "new" career.
A Curacao fan.

Donna Engle Collison

I still miss Edyta! YES, we grow to love the pros...............

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