'Bachelor' Alums Brad Womack & AshLee Frazier Are a Match Made in Heaven

brad womack ashlee frazierDon't know if you've heard, but former Bachelor Brad Womack, who proposed to Emily Maynard, then declared he'd "dodged a bullet" after they broke up, and former Bachelor contestant AshLee Frazier, who scared the living shit out of everyone on Sean Lowe's season, are now an item. Yup! Brad and AshLee are dating. The Bachelor alums have been hanging out for a while now, and AshLee posted a photo of them sucking in their stomachs and embracing at a baseball game.

Does anyone else think this is a match made in Chris Harrison heaven? Just think of the hair highlighting tips BrashLee would be able to share!

These two could really make it. They're both oddly intense, mildly insane yet painfully dull, and they both love attention, blonde tips, and telling people that they love them way before actually getting to know them. Brad and AshLee also enjoy widening their eyes during their Bachelor confessions to really portray how overwhelmed they are with emotion.

Another commonality? They both love living in the past. AshLee wouldn't go an episode without getting tearful about her childhood, and Brad, while being interviewed about his new restaurant, couldn't resist the opportunity to throw a dig at ex-fiance Emily Maynard.

Plus, AshLee's a professional closet organizer, and I don't want to jump to conclusions or anything, but I bet Brad has a closet that may or may not need some organizing. I mean, hello! The romance is so thick I almost can't breathe.

These Bachelor peeps don't know how to move slowly, so fingers crossed in six weeks we'll get an ABC special dedicated to their whirlwind engagement, wedding, baby, and divorce ... all in one.

Do you think Brad and AshLee make a good couple?


Photo via AshLeeFrazier/Instagram

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Barbara L. Parsons

That is up to them.  One never knows where your perfect mate will come from. 

MiLinda Hand Evans

Yes I think they can make it and Ashlee is good for Brad maybe she will level him out. He needs a good woman and she is good and loving. They make a great couple.

Debbie Champion

well i think they are right for each other just because they are alot alike lol

MrsCh... MrsChurch

I actually think they could work.

cooki... cookingmomma790

so super cute I hope things work with them they both deserve to  live happily ever after 

Deb Edwards Naatjes

Tick, tock.... waiting for it to blow!!! Brad is a comittment phobe and Ashlee wants nothing more than to find forever... Could be messy. 


nonmember avatar Lucy

Yes, they both seem so out of their gourds that it could work.

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